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14-12-07, 16:50
I came across this book while searching Google BookSearch. It's published in Finnish, but i used the "Search in this book" feature on the right side and came across some of my known "Swedish" ancestors. Could someone tell me what this book pertains to and why it's in Finnish, if my ancestors who are listed in it are from Sweden, not Finland(??)

Amerikan Ensimäiset Suomalaiset
Delewaren Siirtokunnan
S. Ilmonen, Hancock,Mich. 1916

Peter Rambo {page # 72,83,90}
Anders Bengtsson {page # 104}

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John Kotila

Kaj Granlund
28-12-07, 17:58
The first Finnish settlers in America
or (that is)
the history of the Deleware
S. Ilmonen, Hancock,Mich. 1916

Finland was an integrated part of Sweden until 1809, and many of the first immigrants were actually from the Finnish part of Sweden. Although Sweden seems to forget that these days...