View Full Version : Swedish Christmas poem

June Pelo
14-12-07, 22:36
I received a beautiful Christmas card from Finland with this poem by Viktor Rydberg that translates like this:

The winter night cold is hard,
The stars glimmer and blaze.
All are asleep on the lonely farm
Deep in the midnight hour.
The moon wanders its silent course,
The snow shines white on pine and fir,
The snow shines white on roofs,
Only the gnome is awake.


15-12-07, 21:46
Yes, it is a very nice and popular poem in many Christmas Parties. The whole long story tells about the wonderful secret of generations coming and going. The gnome never understood from where all the new generations came and where all the old ones went. He had lived on the farm for many hundreds of years and was taking care of his duties by watching over the animals and buildings.

It has the spirit of the old way of living on a farm in Scandinavia.