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15-12-07, 16:38
Hi Forum,
I am seeking the paternal ancestors of Matti Fors born 27 Aug 1754 Palo farm. He died 05 Jan 1834 in Isokyrö, Orismala, Monola, Finland.
I've tried Hiski and was told the info was wrong (I had Matt Simonson Alacoko as his father)
Does anyone know? I've also tried SukuRaitti with no luck.
Thanks for any suggestions,

Karen K
16-12-07, 19:37
Hi, I have Palo surnames in my family but don't know if they would be connected. Have you tried just using the surname or just the name of the farm or village without any other info ? I've found things that way quite often. It seems like sometimes being too specific limits the returns you get. Just a couple ideas. Good Luck, Karen

June Pelo
17-12-07, 01:15
There are a lot of boys named Matthias, born 1754-55 in Isokyrö, but only two from Palo:

Matthias, b. 2 Feb 1755, Palo, to soldier Erik Brenner and Lisa Carlsdotter
Matthias, b. 16 Sep 1755, Palo, to Matts Pendala and Maria Johansdotter

There is a death record for widower Matts Mattsson from Monola farm, d. 5 Jan 1834 , died of old age at 79. He evidently had something to do with Reinilä which appears in parens after his name. The Fors name doesn't appear there - maybe it was acquired later.

22-12-07, 19:18
Thank you both and congratulations June, a most deserved honor!

After a little more research, could this be correct?

Matti Mattinpoika Palo b.27 Aug 1754 Ilmajoki
Matti Simonsson AlaCocko b.1 Sep 1722
Orismala, Finland
Died: 11 Apr 1791
Orismala, Finland

Elizabeth Isaacstytar
Born: 1 Jun 1742
Died: 7 Apr 1822

Thanks again,

23-12-07, 04:04

I checked HisKi for Ilmajoki and Isokyrö Parish registers and {1810,1815} Tax census register for Isokyrö Parish and found this bit of info.:

Ilmajoki Marriage Record:

Announced / Married 2.7.1775
Man Village / Farm Cuhnala
Name Smedslärdr. Matts Mattsson

Wife Village / Farm Keskiloppi
Name Pig. Margeta Ericsdr
Ilmajoki Christening records:

Born / Christened 30.3.1776 31.3.1776
Village / Farm
Father Dr Matts Mattsson
Mother Marget Ericsd:r
Child Maria (n:d:)
Isokyrö Parish Christening records:

Born / Christened 13.4.1779 17.4.1779
Village / Farm Paloby
Father Smedn. Matts Matts'son
Mother Marg. Ers'dr
Child Brita (1779{}+)

Born / Christened 4.9.1780 7.9.1780
Village / Farm Paloby
Father Smed. Mats Mats'son
Mother Margaretha Erich:sdr
Child Matheus

Born / Christened 16.4.1784 18.4.1784
Village / Farm Palo
Father Sm. Matths Matth:sson
Mother Marg. Ers'dr
Child Elisabeth

Born / Christened 28.10.1789 29.10.1789
Village / Farm Palo Reinilä
Father Sm. Matts Matt.son
Mother Marg. Ers.dr
Child Johannes
Isokyrö Parish Burial records:

Died / Buried 22.11.1829 29.11.1829
Village / Farm Palo Reinilä
Deceased H:u Gretha Ersdr:
Cause of death / Age ålderd:sv: 76 years 4 months - weeks 22 days
Relative Gl:a Sm: Matts's
{Birthdate calculates to: June 31st,1753}

Died / Buried 5.1.1834 12.1.1834
Village / Farm Orismala Monola
Deceased enkl:gla:smed: (i Reinilä) Matts Mattss:
Cause of death / Age ålder 79 years 3 months - weeks - days
{Birthdate calculates to 1754}
Henkikirjat, {Tax Census Register}
Year: 1810
Village: Palo by
Farm: # 2 Remm (?)

wife: GRETA

Henkikirjat, {Tax Census Register}
Year: 1815
Village: Palo by
Farm: # 2 Rein
wife: GRETA


Best Regards!
John Kotila