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Karen Douglas
16-12-07, 23:27
I have a question for the 9 other "Karens" and the 1 "Karin" on the list. I was baptized a "Karin" - pronounced phonetically by my Swede-Finn father as "CAR-in" - with a trill to the "R." I liked it! It was different from any other name and made me feel special.

But, as I went through school, everyone, including the teachers, began calling me "CARE-en." It's like they just didn't understand what I was saying. Some told me that they never heard it said that way before. So, eventually, I began spelling it "Karen."

I am curious. Do any of you pronounce your name "CAR-in" and have any of you experienced any difficulty with others pronouncing your name incorrectly?

I should add that today my close friends call me "CAR-in," but I still answer to both pronounciations! :)


June Pelo
17-12-07, 00:59

I noticed that I have ancestors back in the 1700s who wrote it as Karin. And I have heard it pronounced as CAR-in by Swedish-speaking relatives. If I were you, I'd go back to spelling it Karin and letting people know how it should be pronounced. I'm sure many people aren't aware there's a difference.

June :)

Karen Norwillo
17-12-07, 02:51
When I'm in Finland, my relatives call me Car-in, although I was baptised Karen and always pronounced Care-in until I went there. I do like the Swedish pronunciation. I have a cousin named Carin and pronounced that way. One of the 9 Karens.

17-12-07, 08:37
The Finnish variation of the name is Kaarina (my second name), pronounced like the Swedish Karin but adding an ŽaŽ in the end.
Keep on using the Karin and showing your heritage :-)

17-12-07, 16:55
Hi Karen
In Sweden my name is Karin. My grandmother in Finland called me "Kaarina". When I am i other countrys I often have to say that my name is Karen. They often have a problem with the sharp "R" in my name, so it is easier to say Karen.
Merry Christmas from