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June Pelo
17-12-07, 00:51
Someone suggested that this would be a good one for Finlander:

You remember that old Swedish meteorologist, "Gustav-Wind"... Well, he is the individual that historic-folklore credits with actually 'coining' the term "Nor'easter", back in 1888... That was the year of the first recorded winter-storm of such-scale. You see, Gustav was well-known for his extremely accurate predictions of storm patterns, their behavior, their componentry and their outcome... to the point where farmers, transportation companies, seafarers and just about ANYONE who needed to be aware of changing weather patterns relied on 'his word'. Unfortunately, 'Mr. Wind' was also born with a slight speech 'tick', often making it difficult for others to actually understand his 'brilliance' in conversation... but indeed, his point was 'usually' understood by most.

The funny thing was... the way that this 'term' of which we speak, 'came to be' stemmed from an incident near Gustav Wind's homeland, where in December of 1888, twelve sailors on a large salmon-kayaking expedition became stuck in a glacially-encased fjord on the west coast of Norway... Upon their vessel, they were fortunate-enough to be equipped with an early Morse Code device... The sailors tapped out their desperate plea for a rescue... repeatedly. Called in for his expertise, Gustav listened to the coded-message over and over... He made some notes... calculated, using a map and gyroscope... and then surmised, exclaiming his educated-prediction of the 12 sailors' fate, in a sprayed, blurted, drooling, 'mad-science-like jibberish'..."No-later-than-Easter!"...

I guess by now, we can safely-assume why such a storm is now called a...