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18-12-07, 23:30
Press Release from The Swedish Finn Historical Society,
Seattle, Washington

December 10, 2007

June Pelo from Port Charlotte, Florida has been awarded the Suomi-Seura
(Finland Society) Silver Badge of Merit. She was nominated by The
Swedish Finn Historical Society and the award was approved in Finland
on November 8, 2007. It was given as a token of gratitude for the work
she has done on behalf of the preservation of ties between emigrant
Finns and their homeland.


Specifically... "June Pelo has given invaluable information to people
in search for their families in Finland, guiding, instructing and
unselfishly sharing her extensive knowledge for researching genealogy.
Innumerable people know, that without June's help, they would not have
discovered all the information about their families. June's articles on
the Internet and in many different publications have been an
inspiration to us all. Better understanding the history of Finland has
made emigrant descendants feel even closer to their roots in Finland.
June Pelo is building bridges and connecting people."


June was born in 1923 in Flint, Michigan. Her grandparents emigrated
from the following villages in Finland: Pelo Village, Nedervetil;
Storby, Karleby; and Edsevö, Pedersöre.

June has written over 100 articles for various publications regarding
genealogy, emigration from Finland and immigration to America, along
with articles about folklore and customs in Ostrobothnia and Finland.

She is a constant support to others and a regular on Finlander and
Finngen – internet tools used to help communicate important information
and connect families. She considers herself an amateur painter and has
dabbled in ceramics, but her real love is genealogy and helping others.

For further information, contact
Dick Erickson, SFHS President (253-941-8315) or
Norm Westerberg, SFHS Board Member (206-232-3612)


Links to some of June's articles here (http://sfhs.eget.net/portal/index.php?option=com_wrapper&Itemid=45) and here (http://sfhs.eget.net/portal/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=18&Itemid=42)

19-12-07, 02:44
A very well deserved award.


19-12-07, 02:49
Congratulations, June!


19-12-07, 07:53
Congratulations June.
You are truly worth this token of appreciation.

And a very Merry Christmas


19-12-07, 10:21
Way to go June-----------Great job

Karen Norwillo
19-12-07, 17:46
June sent me this press release last week. Without her I'd still be floundering around. She was instumental in starting me off with my genealogy search. I could never repay my indebtedness to her. She's one of a kind, and a great person, too. Well deserved!!!

19-12-07, 20:15
Congratulations June, nice to see that once in a while the right person is awarded.

Lasse Holm

Karen Douglas
19-12-07, 22:45
Congratulations, June! And, thanks for all you do to help each of us with our genealogy!


Jaska Sarell
19-12-07, 22:55
June is truly a gem in genealogy!
Without her expertise and inspiration many branches would still be undiscovered.
I've been privileged to know her from the very beginning of Finngen postlist, when I had just started to research my Ostrobothnian roots. Without her knowledge I would have stumbled for years in the basics, but she gave me a flying start. Ten years of regular emails with her has made me feel that she's a family member, which she in broader sense is to many of us.

Congratulation, June!

:) Jaska

20-12-07, 17:04
What wonderful news to come back too. Many congratulations June! I am so happy for you. I have only been here a few weeks but I have learned so very much from June and she has been such a help in getting me started in my family search. She truly is an angel!
Thank you so much for all you have done.

Alice Finnerty
20-12-07, 23:52
Congratulations June. It's an honor you are most deserving for.
Thank you for all your help to me as well as others. It's an
honor for me to know you from this Forum.
(ps...my hsband always asks me to check the forum to see
June's jokes - he loves them) Thanks Again - Alice

21-12-07, 14:52
Congratulations June!!

22-12-07, 13:13
Grattis June! You're worth it, hope you will continue helping for a long time! :)

June Pelo
22-12-07, 17:01
Greetings to all of you from cold, snowy Michigan where I'm spending my Christmas holiday. Thank you for all your kind comments. I can't wait to get back home to answer a few private messages asking for help - don't have access to my database here :(

I'll be back online after the New Year.

June :)

28-12-07, 22:17
Congratulations June
Thank you for all your helps during the years I have know you.You are worth all respect .I think mostly of the members at this forum agree with that.We whish you a very Happy New Year 2008.Thank you again .Love,
Svea & Bert

Kaj Granlund
30-12-07, 12:53
Congratulations June
That's really great!