View Full Version : Elf School/ Rovaniemi, Finland

19-12-07, 19:08
This is a cute article! Merry Christmas!



Karen Norwillo
19-12-07, 20:34
I will be going to Rovaniemi next year to visit a cousin. Hopefully we'll get to see The North Pole. Karen

20-12-07, 17:00
I am back. Just flew back from Rovaniemi last night having spent 3 days in Luosto looking for Santa. Had a wonderful time, no snow on the trees sadly, not much snow around either, lots of people there were really worried about it. (Climate change was a big subject there). It is very sad if there is less and less snow each year. Nevertheless, it was fantastic being back in my mum's country again, we had a fantastic time and I highly recommend it.
My Finnish is still bad but I tried :D