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21-12-07, 18:20
Merry Christmas to all! :D
I received some very interesting material from someone today on the Palmgren surname, which is prompting me to ask for assistance in finding the ancestry of my great grandfather, Viktor Jaakonpoikä Palmgren. As the records are not yet online, I can go no further than the following:

Viktor Jaakonpoikä Palmgren b. 22.03.1859 Karijoki (Nederby Village, Huhtala Farm) d. 05.01.1947 Crystal Falls, Michigan. Viktor married 28.06.1883 in Karijoki, Aurora Wilhelmiina Britantytär Hakala, b. 05.04.1859 Kauhajoki, d. 02.04.1942 Crystal Falls, Michigan. They had the following children, all born in Karijoki, Finland.

Karl Viktor b. 22.02.1884 d. 27.03.1884
Hilda Maria b.30.04.1885 d.28.08.1964
Karl Emil b. 23.04.1887 d.25.06.1960 in Michigan
Antti b. abt. 1888
Nikolai Wilhelm b. 02.05.1890 d. 02.09.1918 Helsinki prison-Finnish Civil War
Otto Erland b. 07.04.1893
Milia Mariana b. 12.04.1894
Toini Aliina b. 22.04.1895 d. 06.11.1990 Michigan

Viktor Jaakonpoikä Palmgren, b. 22.03.1859 Karijoki. Parents were Jakob Mattsinpoikä Palmgren b. 06.07.1833 Isojoki, married, 05.09.1856 Maria Johansdr. Ahlsten, b. 02.06.1831 Isojoki.

Jakob Mattsinpoikä Palmgren, b. 06.07.1833 Isojoki. Parents were Matts Henriksinpoikä Palmgren, b.? Married 14.11.1820 Isojoki to Anna Greta Johansdr., b. abt. 1798.

Best Regards and Happy Holidays,

Karen Norwillo
21-12-07, 20:58
As you know, my aunt was married to Karl Emil Palmgren. Did I send you the info on their family? When Karl came to the US in Jan 1906, his last residence was given as Abo, Finland. Check it out on Hiski. There are loads of Palmgren in both the finska and svenska församling records. Interesting fact, my aunt was born in Sweden while her parents, my maternal grandmother and her first husband were there for a short visit, she achieved American citizenship through my grandfather Stevenson, my grandmother's second husband. When my aunt married Karl she lost her citizenship because he was still an alien. She didn't apply for it until years later. Karen

21-12-07, 21:23
Hi Karen,
Funny, I was just going through my Palmgren records, and I have written Åbo, but couldn't remember why! You must be reading my mind! :) O.K. I looked on Hiski, and there are many Palmgren's on there in Åbo; I'll check it out, hopefully I can find the connection. I wish there were more online records! :(

Cousin Denise

P.S. No you didn't send me the Palmgren records you have...

22-12-07, 16:48
Hi Karen,
I'm not making any connections for my Palmgren's in Åbo, but it doesn't mean anything as I don't have all that much to go on. I first think I better get info. from Isojoki, and maybe that would give me some clues on the Åbo area and who might be related. Thanks,


22-12-07, 20:08
Hi Denise and Karen

I have a feeling that Isojoki/ Karijoki Palmgren are different from Palmgren in Åbo/ Turku. Palmgren family in Karijoki/ Isojoki seems to have used name Honkaniemi too. I put this thing on my list for January when the archive opens again. I looked at my list and we have churchrecord for Isojoki/Storå 1757-1892 and Karijoki/ Bötom 1812-1896 so im sure we will find something interesting for you.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2008 from Christer

23-12-07, 01:59
Hi Christer,
I'm curious about the name Honkaniemi; where did you come up with that name? I'm really confused now! :D I have seen the names Sunda and Mäki in regards to Aurora Wilhelmiina Britantytär Hakala's name (on her daughter, Toini's marriage record Toini Palmgren stated her mother's maiden name was Mäki and on Aurora Wilhelmiina's death record her husband Viktor Palmgren said Aurora's father's surname was Sunda). Honkaniemi! No wonder I can't find anything! The name changes are confusing. Please clue me in on the Honkaniemi name....:eek:

As I've stated before, you are just "too smart" Christer. Thank-you, and have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


23-12-07, 10:18
Hi Denise
In HISKI is mentioned Jakob Mattson Palmgren or Honkaniemi when he moved to Karijoki- Bötom 17.11.1853.Must have been his brother Johan Mattsson Palmgren or Honkaniemi that also moved to Karijoki-Bötom 15.11.1854.
In Isojoki births 27.2.1824 we have Matts Palmgren and wife Anna Greta's child Matts born at Hongniemi which is svedish for Honkaniemi.Looks like they moved later on to Wijtalähdet= Wiitalähde because Henric Mattsson b 3.1.1832 and Jacob Mattsson b.6.7.1833 are born there.
1824 seems to be the first time when the surname Palmgren appears.
I guess these name changes will get an explanation when i look in the churchbook.I can understand that it makes you confused,not only the many namechanges but also this different spellings in swedish and finnish language at this time.

25-12-07, 05:08
Hi Christer,
I always wondered what the "eller" names meant, now I know! :D
I was too embarrassed to ask, I guess...:o Thank-you.
And thank-you for the Christmas card! A very Merry Christmas to you and your family. I noticed you have a Tulikivi soapstone fireplace; oh, that is my dream to have one. ;) They are so beautiful.

Have a wonderful holiday,
Best Regards,

P.S. Loved your Santa!