View Full Version : Anders Norrgren from Loviisa

27-12-07, 23:32
I am seeking information about my great-great-grandfather Anders Norrgren, a Finnish sea captain. He was born in 1820 and married Eva Evelina Sofia Wilhelmina StrÝmm. They lived in Loviisa where they had five children: Ester Zaida Sofia, Knut Anders Edvard (my great-grandfather, he moved to Všnersborg, Sweden, and later to Oslo, Norway), Gerda Aina Sofia, Anders Waldemar, and Anders Johan Leopold (he became Finnish consul in England).

I would be very happy for any information about the Norrgrens or the StrÝmm family! :)

01-01-08, 20:53
It seems like this should have been posted in Genealogy, not here? Or am I wrong? :confused: