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30-12-07, 03:12
Hi everyone,

Now, I have heard so much about this book in the title. I heard that it is in 3 parts but I would like to know a bit more about it, please can anyone help with this?

1. Are the 3 parts in 3 different books?

2. If yes, then are these 3 different books published at the same time?

3. My grandmother's family, the Branders, are in part I,does this mean all the other families are listed in alphabetical order?

4. Are there lots of other families represented in these books? (I need to find out about the Ulvila Holmlunds, so would I need to find out if anyone has part III? 'u' being near the end of the alphabet.) Would they be listed? Or is it only some families who have been published?

5. Has there been any books published later than the 1940's like this with updated family details?

Many thanks for your help.


Jaska Sarell
30-12-07, 11:57
This link (http://vaskivakka.net/tietovakka/teoshakemistot/sukukirjahakemisto.htm) should answer some of your questions.

:) Jaska

30-12-07, 13:34
Thank you for this Jaska, sorry, I still have questions :o

I can't find Holmlund so does this mean that no one has written about them?

I looked at the Simon Carlsson page you sent me too, and the surname has changed from Holmlund to Hummelholm to Kiisk etc going back in history, am I reading that right?
I know about the name changes when Finland became independant but these name changes were from the century before. So was this the norm then too?
No wonder Im confused :D

So I need to check these new names in that list of the link you sent me in the other thread. This is so interesting!

Again, if you can direct me to that researcher that would be great.

Many thanks again!

Jaska Sarell
30-12-07, 15:39
That's right, Holmlund like so many others are not included in that book. The mentioned book Uusi sukukirja contains some families which have been in notable positions for several generations before the time of of writing. It's a follow-up to Sukukirja from 1901. Likewise Släktbok books, which is in Swedish.

As a matter of fact Holmlund is the only real surname in that graph, taken by Simon. The earlier names are farm names, just to make finding the persons easier in the database. In real life only first names and patronymics were used, only in farm owner's name the farm name was included sometimes. Unfortunately my software does not accept long name fields. Thus I've used usually only one name for each person, which makes it impossible to see who moved over to another farm. E.g. Simon's father Carl Fredrik was born at Kiisk where his father lived all his life, but for some reason he moved over to Hummelholm, where Simon was born.

My male line comes like this: Hyytinen-Norrena-Tarvonen-Påvals-Kornjärvi-Filpus-Sarell -- only the first and the last are real surnames :cool:
The case was different in eastern Finland, where original unchanged Finnish surnames have been used for centuries. There the people moved from one place to another, where they burned the forest for totally new fields. In the west in steady farming communities identification for tax collection was made by farm name. Often the name of the farm became proper surname, at least for the owner, when surnames became mandatory in 1920.
Another kind of name changes happened when people with Finnish identify wanted to change their Swedish names to Finnish ones. Also opposite happened, like in Tarvonen farm in Pedersöre, in Swedish-speaking area.

Confused :confused: ?
Never mind, so are many Finns when starting with their genealogy.

:) Jaska

30-12-07, 16:45
This is so fascinating Jaska,

kiitos niin paljon kaikesta! (You see, I am beginning to be a bit brave now with writing some Finnish!) :D BUt my pronunciation is awful with an English accent :)