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Karen Norwillo
30-12-07, 21:30
I am confused as to the location of the Sudd farm in Pedersöre. A 5th grandmother Maria Mattsdotter Sudd was born at Sudd farm, Kollan village, Pedersöre in 1726 per Hiski. As was her sister Margeta Mattsdotter Sudd in 1727. There are two more children born to Matts Hansson and Brita Johansdotter here, Hans in 1729 and Anna in 1731. Then I found several more children born to a Matts Hansson and Brita Johansdotter in Catternö village,Sudd farm. Is this the same family? Was there more than one Sudd farm or is this the same place? I take it that Katternö is the same as Catternö. I found the marriage of Matts Hansson and Brita Johansdotter on 30 Oct 1725 in Kollan village. Brita was from Strang farm. They would be a 6th ggrandparents. Karen

Jaska Sarell
30-12-07, 22:51
Hi Karen,

I think that part of Katternö village was called Kollan or Kållan in those days. If you search by entering only Sudd as a farm name, you'll see that from 1831 to 1832 Sudd goes from Katternö to Kållby, which apparently was then separated.
Anyway there was/is only one Sudd farm in Pedersöre.
Sudd in map (http://kansalaisen.karttapaikka.fi/karttalinkki/karttalinkki.html?cx=2447211&cy=7058911&scale=16000&tool=suurenna&lang=EN-GB) between Strang and Storkåll.

:) Jaska

31-12-07, 15:27

I can understand that you are a little bit confused. The place called Collan at that time was a part of Catternö (or Katternö) willage. Later this part (Collan) was later called Kållby and is today regarded as a separate willage. The Sudd Farm is still in Kållby.

Mats Hansson was from Sääksjärvi and Brita Johansdotter was from Sudd. They had several more children, just as you mentioned:

Brita 1732-1797. Married Klemets in Esse
Johan 1734
Jonas 1737
Matts 1738
Simon 1739-1777
Lisa 1740-1741
Chirstin 1748

Unfortunately I do not have all the information about the children.

Happy New Year to you!

Christian Dahlin

Karen Norwillo
31-12-07, 15:47
Thank you both. I assumed this was the case, but you know what they say about assuming. The switching between "C" and "K" doesn't make it any easier. Hope everyone has a Happy, healthy New Year. It's been another year of knowing the best people in the world. Happy 2008. Karen