View Full Version : Address check in Helsinki please

01-01-08, 17:17
Please can anyone help with an address search in Helsinki for me?

I would like to check if the following address is correct for my mother's cousin.

Her name is Eila Honkonen but we think she married Matti Multamäki.
--/address deleted /admin

I dont know if she has children. She could be in her 70's now perhaps.

Is it possible for this to be checked please? I am thinking of sending a letter to her in snail mail but thought I could ask here first in case I am way of course and it isn't her address! :D

Many thanks.


Hasse Andtbacka
01-01-08, 18:58
Yes Ayla, you have the correct address.

Hasse A

01-01-08, 19:26
Many thanks Hasse, much appreciated. I wonder should this post be deleted now maybe because it shows an address? Moderators please do as you wish.

Many thanks again