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01-01-08, 21:27
Hello, I'm Hilde Norrgrén, and I'm a newbie genealogist looking for information about my ancestors in Finland! I have been looking into family history for about two years, and I have found out quite a bit about the families of my mother and my father's mother, but not so much about my father's father's family, which originally lived in Finland.

I have never been to Finland myself, but I would very much like to visit some day (soon)!

I have posted a request on this forum asking for information about my great great grandfather Anders Norrgren who was born in or around 1820 somewhere in Finland. He got married in Asikkala and his children were born in Loviisa.

I'm going to add some more information to the thread to see if that might help give somebody an idea of where I can look. However I wonder - should I write in English or Norwegian? Or both?

01-01-08, 21:52
Aha! Now I understand. There are separate areas for writing in English and Swedish. Can I write in Norwegian in the Swedish area? :confused: