View Full Version : National Geographic: Finnish polar bears threatened

Paivi T
04-01-08, 14:26
This just in...

Oh, dear. The National Geographic, of all magazines, has come up with
this incorrect newsflash, according to which global warming threatens
Finnish animals, including our polar bears...!


My, my.

Päivi :D

Jaska Sarell
04-01-08, 17:33
NG has made a correction already:

CORRECTION (January 4, 2008): An earlier version of this page implied that Finland is home to wild polar bears. However, the only polar bears in this northern European country are in captivity.

:) Jaska

Paivi T
04-01-08, 19:20
That was quick, good job, NG!

I wonder, is it as common for Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland to be assumed to have polar bears...?


10-01-08, 16:48
I sent them an e-mail last week asking them to do their homework.