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08-01-08, 15:23
Hi all!

As I was getting somewhat frustrated doing the simple people searches to find my relatives and not getting anywhere, it suddenly dawned on me that I could try Facebook.
So a few days ago I typed in the surname Frigren as this is my great aunt Sofia's married name and 15 came up in Finland and Sweden.

So, I wrote a short, very polite message and sent it to all of these young Frigrens ;), hoping that one of them may be the grandchild or even great grandchild of my great aunt. Now, I sent the messages at the same time, Facebook then sent me a warning that my account could be disabled because I am sending 15 messages, therefore I am 'spamming' :confused: :mad:

Innocent little me who would not even say boo to a goose was getting told off by Facebook! :eek: I honestly had not even THOUGHT about this of course, I would never spam anyone with anything. Anyway, it was a just a warning, I had my hand slapped and that's it.

I just wanted to say that don't let this put you off using Facebook in your search. Just make sure you dont send many messages at the same time like me. It is a long shot of course but it made me feel like I am doing something productive as each brick wall for each of my great uncles and aunts seems to be getting higher and higher at the moment :((

Out of those 15 messages I sent on Facebook, I have had 9 wonderful replies so far, no one related sadly but they were all very nice, understanding and interested in what I am doing.

The unbelievable thing is that through Facebook I found my long lost first cousin who I havent seen for 30 years! I have been searching for her forever. We used to play together as children in Finland but when my uncle and aunt separated she went with her mother. I did not know until yesterday that she even changed her surname from my uncle's to her mother's. No wonder I could not find her all these years. Purely by chance as I was looking through the Finnish/Swedish groups I saw her photo. She is my age now but when I saw it she looked so familiar. Call it a hunch. I sent her a message and it was her. What an unbelievable thing. She had been looking for me but as my name had changed through marriage too she had no luck all these years either. We were 9 years old the last time we saw each other.

So, again, give Facebook a try, you never know! (Just be careful with all the applications, I have to 'ignore' or 'delete' so many because there are simply...so many! Look me up if you come there.


09-01-08, 07:41
Here I can add that I have added a "SFHS - The Swedish-Finns" -group to facebook some time ago. This to catch people interested in the subject and in genealogy on facebook. Haven't marketed it at all yet, thus only two members a of date.

09-01-08, 11:50
Thank you Hasse, I will take a look. Poke me with an invite to this group if I forget! :)

10-01-08, 19:51
I love facebook - have found school friends but never thought about genealogy.

I have sent a request to join the group - susan l rutledge

10-01-08, 21:02
Me too. Then that will make it 6 members. ;)

20-01-08, 17:16
Oh! Thanks, I never would have thought of this!
I think I've made contact with a niece!

20-01-08, 17:18
That's great Jennifer, well done!

21-02-08, 14:06
I just wanted to stress again how good Facebook has been for family searches. I have just found another second cousin with the Jounela surname who I have been looking for!
So do give it a try! You just never know who you may find. Look me up and add me as a friend, there are a few of us there now from here.
You can find me at AYLA HASSO

See you there!

Research latest:
I have found 5 out of 8 of my grandmother's brothers and sisters!

16-04-08, 22:48
Now, I too, am a member of the Face Book SFHS pages. Check it out, I'm sure there will be many people related to me. Caino - Torp anyone?:)

June Pelo
17-04-08, 20:57
You don't have to look at Facebook to find Caino-Torp connections. Many members of this Forum have links to Caino-Torp - just take a look in Talko.

June :)

17-04-08, 21:01
June is right.

Some 50% of the Finlander members probably are connected to the Caino and Torp genealogies.

17-04-08, 21:58
You don't have to look at Facebook to find Caino-Torp connections. Many members of this Forum have links to Caino-Torp - just take a look in Talko.

June :)

June, I'm sorry, I didn't intend on offending anyone with the reference I made regarding Caino - Torp. What I think is that some people will gravitate to a particular forum venue over another, and as the Face Book group was actually created by one of the SFHS members, I can't see anything wrong with supporting both. I can only imagine that the more ways there are to get to the information we all seek is by having many avenues to get there. Google searches bring up different sites in different orders depending on where my friends live.

Again, no offense intended - Ilmari:)

June Pelo
18-04-08, 01:14
No offense perceived. I thought perhaps you were wondering how to find people with links to Caino-Torp, which isn't difficult to do...

13-11-08, 12:17
I never thought of using Facebook for people. I will have to give it a try. Thanks for the idea Ayla.
If anyone wants to add me to their Facebook, my email there is tracy_sw_au*hotmail.com

13-11-08, 16:12
See you there Tracy!
Since starting this post I have found 6 second cousins from my mum's side of the family, all from different great uncles and aunts too.