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Stig Fogde
10-01-08, 18:23
I would be extremely grateful for any hints that might help me trace my great grandfather, Mathias (Matts) Mattsson Fogde, born in Malax in Ostrobothnia on April 7, 1865. My great aunt told me that Matts, who left for the States in 1896, destination Chicago, was supposed to have died in a logging accident in Michigan, probably in 1897. However, his younger brother Wilhelm, had a search ad for him in the June 19, 1913, issue of Finska Amerikanaren. Subsequently, Matts Mattson Fogde was declared dead in 1914. A person called Matt Fogde is mentioned in Emigrantbiografier (4.61) by Anders Myhrman: this piece of information is from Herman Werner Reeth from Korsholm (Mustasaari). According to Reeth, this Matt Fogde settled down in Aniak, Alaska. I have a picture of my great grandfather taken in Crystal Falls (McCourt).

The younger brothers of Matts, Johannes (born 1869) and Wilhelm Fogde (born 1873), also left for the States, namely for Calumet, Michigan, Johannes in 1901 and Wilhelm one year earlier in 1900. Any information related to Matts, Wilhelm or Johannes Fogde would be of great help.

"Looking for great grandpa",

Stig Fogde