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Carina Sand
13-01-08, 18:05
My name is Carina and i am seaching for an Axel S Mattson. He has been
living in Chicago Cook Illinois. He was born 6 may 1907 and died 18 july 1992
I hope there is someone how knows something about him?

I will bee glad for any help i can get!


Karen Norwillo
13-01-08, 20:56
Here's what I found on Ancestry. SSDI confirms the dates you gave. In 1930I found an Axel S Mattson in Hazel Park, Royal Oak, Oakland, MI. He is 24, married at 21, says born in Canada/English, parents Swedish, US 1924, painter auto parts factory. wife, Helen M 21, married at 18, born MI, telephone operator. Her father Arthur Barrone, age 48, divorced, born MI, barber.
In 1910 Detroit, Wayne, MI is Arthur Barrone, 27, married 2 yrs. MI, barber. Wife Lola, 21, 1 child. Helen, age 2/12, born MI
In 1920, they are in Highland Park, Wayne, MI. Helen is 10. Her mother's father was born in Canada.
Since our census records are only available to 1930, I can't find the family further, but I will try the MI Birth Index. Maybe they had some children before a move to Chicago. Karen

Karen Norwillo
13-01-08, 21:30
Found the 1923 arrival of Axel, his father and sister from Garcon, Mannitoba, Canada. They came 24 Dec 1923 through Winnepeg to Detroit, MI. Mother Anna still in Canada. There's an entry that says she came later. I am enclosing the manifest. It's on two pages. They are second family from the top. Father is Alexander Matson and he is listed as an engineer. Sister is Mary L and was 20, a domestic. Axel was 17 and a farm hand. Looks like they were going to a minister in Detroit. I can't make out his name. Hope this helps. Karen

Carina Sand
13-01-08, 21:51

Thanks for all your help!
But my Axel Mattsonīs parents came from Ironwood or Gogebic. His fatherīs
name was John Victor Mattson. So i donīt think this is the right one.

But i appreciate all help you are giving me!


Karen Norwillo
14-01-08, 17:18
Here is the info from Ironwood, Gogebic, MI on a John Mattson family. I don't know if this is the right one. If you tell us all you do know about the family, it helps to find them. It looks like they have Axel's middle initial as W not S, if this is right. Gogebic is the county name in MI. The 1910 census may not be the right family. I thought maybe John may have used his second name here, same with wife. The WWI Draft Registration has wife as Anna, so Hannah is close. My grandmother Anna was listed as Hannah on a census. Karen

Karen Norwillo
16-01-08, 18:26
I checked out the site for the Gogebic Range Genealogical Society and they have obits for several Mattson's that may be yours. John V Mattson died Mar 30, 1929, obit in Ironwood Daily Globe issue Apr 1, 1929. There was no Johanna listed, but there is a Mrs Victor Mattson who died Feb 5, 1928, obit in Daily Globe Feb 6, 1928. Since John used Victor in one of the census, maybe it's Johanna. Didn't see one for Sophia. Do these dates match? You can request copies for a small fee. Do you know what Carl's middle name was? There is a Carl W Mattson who died Mar 17, 1963, obit in Daily Globe Mar 18, 1963. Karen

16-01-08, 19:57
Swenson S 21-6 = Michigan, Gogebic Co, Ironwood, Grace Lutheran
S 21-6 10h Johan Victor Mattson Apr 4 1877 Pedersöre 1896
S 21-6 10w Lena Sofia Aug 27 1878 Munsala 1902

it is unfortunate you did not know your guys birthdate or the name of his wife so this is just a guess.
Good luck,

Karen Norwillo
16-01-08, 20:36
I checked out further in Gogebic Range and Ironwood. I found the family in the 1928 Gogebic Range City Directory -Ironwood. Listed on 453 E. Oak St.
Mattson, Victor, married, miner. Same address are Mattson, Axel, laborer
Mattson, Carl, laborer and Mattson, Arthur, student. Did not find them in the next Directory in 1938 at any address. In 1912 Ironwood, there is a Victor Mattson, miner at 463 Oak St. Looks like he used Victor alot.
For anyone with ties to Gogebic county, Ironwood, Bessemer etc, this site is a treasure trove of info. Also, if you "google" Gogebic Range City Directories 1888-1947 you'll find all the directories as well as a cemetery listing for Sunset Acres and St John's Lutheran Church. Lots of Finn names. Karen

Karen Norwillo
16-01-08, 22:04
You indicated in your PM that you had the most info about John Arthur. Did he die March 3, 1963 in Ironwood? There is an obit available for him from Gogebic. I found his funeral announcement in the March 5, 1963 Ironwood Daily Globe on Ancestry.com. It says
Funeral services for John Arthur (Art) Mattson, 52, of 231 E Harding Ave, who died Sunday, will be held at the McKevitt-Kershner Funeral Home at 2 pm Wednesday. Rev Thomas A Schultz officiating. Entombment at Riverside Cemetery.

Carina Sand
20-02-08, 15:30
Hi Karen!

Thanks again for all your help. Yes John Arthur died in 1963 and he is burried at the Riverside cementary. I have a picture of his grevstone too. He was married to an Anna Salin and she remarried an Michael Petroski. Anna died in jan 9 1988 at Hurley. I have her obit, i think they didnīt have any children. But now i have found out about this Axel that his middle name wasnīt S. iT was Axel Win Matson and he was born june 27 1906. His fatherīs name was Victor and motherīs name Sofia Jusslin and Victorīs first wifeīs name was Sofia so maybe this is the right one?
Do you think you can help me check it out?

Thanks Carina

Karen Norwillo
20-02-08, 17:42
What exactly do you want me to help you check? I need specifics. Be glad to help if I'm sure of what I'm looking for. Karen

Karen Norwillo
20-02-08, 17:54
Here's an Axel W Mattson who matches the birth date you gave. From the SSDI and WA Death Index
Axel W Mattson 27 June 1906-25 Jan 1991. Died Spokane, Spokane county, WA at age 84. SS from CA. Looked for him in CA, but so far only found an Axel A. Mattson. Found Axel W Mattson buried Fairmount Memorial Park Cemetery #5-10M-41. I would imagine that is section, lot and row.

Carina Sand
20-02-08, 22:22
Hi again Karen!

I am sorry that i havenīt giving you all information you should have. But first i thought that that it was Axel S i was lookin for but now i know his name is Axel Win Matson. It is possible to find out if hi was married and had family?

Thanks again for your help! Sorry that i canīt give you more information.


Karen Norwillo
21-02-08, 14:29
If you get a copy of his death certificate from WA, it should have some information on it as to survivors such as a wife or child. They usually state who gave the family information at time of death.
Vital Records Office
1101 W. College Ave.
Spokane, WA 99201
for deaths 1891-present in Spokane City
I'm sure there is a fee. Check out the on-line site. Just type in WA Vital Records, and it should take you to the site.

Carina Sand
22-09-08, 23:12
Hi again Karen!

Now i have something more about this Axel Win Mattson.
He died in Jan 25 1991 in Spokane Washington. He was 84 years old then.
His wifeīs name was Sylvia A She died in Aug 24 1986 she was 89 years then , donīt know if that is right. Because then she was almost ten years older than he was. If they had any children i donīt know, because i havenīt found any obituaries of them. Is nīt that strange doesnīt they always write in the newspapers when someone has passed away??

Best reegards!