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Karen Norwillo
13-01-08, 20:24
I am wondering if anyone has proof of the birth year of Kirsti or Chirstin Mattsdotter Nelimarkka. I have her born 1592 in Alajärvi, Nelimarkka and dying 25 Jun 1693. That would have her at least 100 years depending on when in 1592 she was born. I see many Nelimarkka on Talko, but only two other entries for her, all with the 1592 date. Any hope of finding it or too far back? Karen

Jaska Sarell
14-01-08, 01:26
Hi Karen,

The birth year is based on age given in her burial record - it says "öfwer 100 åhr", i.e. over 100 years.
That may not be reality, but there's nothing to prove either way :confused:

:) Jaska

Karen Norwillo
14-01-08, 16:46
Thanks so much Jaska. I knew someone would come through. If the burial record made mention of that fact, I will leave my entry as is. I know it's certainly possible, but not the norm, especially for that time. Must be our healthy Finn genes. Karen

Karen K
14-01-08, 23:52
Hi, Just wondering, are you descended from the Nelimarkka family ? As far as I have been able to determine, my great Grandmother was a Nelimarkka . I have a LOT of info on the surname which I recieved from Finland etc. Maybe there is something I can help you with if they are the same families..?


Karen Norwillo
15-01-08, 15:54
I am not directly decended from the Nelimarkka line. My connection is through a much more recent marriage into the family. Karen