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03-11-03, 21:20
Hi all

The newest gedcom submitted comes from Maj-Len Stubb.

The material seems to be partly from the Närpes -area and from Björneborg with surroundings.

04-11-03, 04:46
Hi Hasse,
Would it be okay to post the current total of names in the Talko database? I was thinking if it went on the SFHS home page, it might encourage people to move on into the Finlander Forum pages. Or have you already done that!

04-11-03, 08:01
Originally posted by syrene
Hi Hasse,
Would it be okay to post the current total of names in the Talko database?


The total of individual name records in gedcoms submitted just now is 825.624 but will change this week to approx. 950.000 when Börje Vestö's material is entered.

One thing one must remember is that we are speaking about "number of individual records", which doesn't mean that we have the names of 950.000 unique individuals. Many of us have the same ancestors and hence the same forefathers turn up in many files.

We'll see who will submit the material to get us over the magical 1 million count.

04-11-03, 17:05
By the way, a few years ago the SFHS slogan at that year's FinnFest was "I am one in a million---immigrant descendents from Finland!" We gave away stickers to everyone. The phrase comes from one immigrant researcher's speculation that the descendents within North America must number about one million by now. Another researcher commented that there might be 20 million descendents of the New Sweden Colonists from 1638!! Many of those were Swedish Finns as well as Finnish speaking Swedes, Finns, and Swedes. And two or three German mercenaries:)