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14-01-08, 19:41
Hi all
I´m seeking for information about parents ,siblings and eventually living relatives to Edvard Benjamin Karolinasson Branback (Brännback,Brännbacka ) born in Malax 9 dec. 1883 and died in 6 jun 1965 Felch Michigan .He married Ida Karolina Sandberg from Jeppo Mietala born 7 nov 1884.I have no date of death for Ida.All data about them are greatly appreciated.

Karen Norwillo
14-01-08, 21:32
I found the family and will attach what I found. You'll see by the 1930 census they had a large family. The SSDI for Edward has his DOB as 24 Sep 1883 and death same as you gave. I see by Emigranten that both Edvard and Ida emigrated in 1902, he 12.11.1902 and she 12.04.1902. I found the border crossing for Edvard. He arrived 29 Nov 1902 in St John, New Brunswick, Canada on the Lake Erie from Liverpool. Says he's going to California. Many were headed for MI, so he probably ended up there. I found a mention of the family in a book called Felch Centennial 1878-1978 by B M Blomquist on MIGenWeb. It indicates there is a wedding photo on page 250. I contacted the co-ordinator of the website for Dickinson county where Felch is located and requested a copy. I also asked about finding a death for Ida. Let you know what I find. Karen

14-01-08, 21:42
Thank you very much ! Very kind of you to take you time for to do this for me .I appreciate that very much.:) .

Karen Norwillo
14-01-08, 22:07
Here's a 1910 census for an Ida Sandberg in Felch, MI. It's probably her. It would seem with the age of Beatrice as 19 in 1930, they would have probably married shortly after this census in 1910. I see all the children born in MI. Karen

Margareta L
14-01-08, 23:02
Hello Bert!
In the book: "Släkten Sandberg från Jeppo" by Manne Nygård is the Branbacka family.


15-01-08, 04:58
Thank you very much .I will take a look .

Karen Norwillo
15-01-08, 16:32
I heard back from Dickinson County GenWeb and they don't have the actual book. They suggested I contact the Dickinson Genealogical Society. I sent off an email. I goggled the book title and, lo and behold, one of our members, Jim Bailey, indicates in an old post that he has a copy. I PM'd Jim and asked him to scan and send me or post here the info on page 250. Here's hoping he checks us. Haven't seen him on-line for awhile. Karen

15-01-08, 19:29
Thank you , Karen
I haven´t heard of Jim Bailey for awhile.Maybe out of home .We will wait and see .Thank you for helping me.
:D :D

15-01-08, 21:50
Swenson 211 = Michigan Dickinson County, Metropolitan, Zion Lutheran 211 4h Edward Benj. Bränbäck Dec 24 1883 Malax unk
211 4w Ida Kathrine Sandberg Aug 11 1884 Jeppo unk

I found them in my list for the church listed above. The list contains only names of those who were born in Finland. I checked the entire UP of Michigan and they were not listed elsewhere.
If you think the church book would have more, please email me:

June Pelo
16-01-08, 00:03
Hi Chuck, Good to see your name online again. :)


Karen Norwillo
16-01-08, 17:21
Heard back from a John Alquist at the Dickinson Genealogical Society. They have the centennial book and he will send me the info when he gets there next week. Karen

16-01-08, 17:35
Hi Karen
Thank you very much.:)

Karen Norwillo
17-01-08, 17:01
I'm so excited. Got the photo from John Alquist today and it includes the names of the children as well as their married names. Hope this comes through. I have to go back and change the format he sent as it won't post as is. Karen

Karen Norwillo
17-01-08, 17:44
I don't know what to do. I have reduced the size of the image as much as I can and still can't upload it. Cannot get it down to 1.34 MB. Tried cropping out the text and sending it in two separate images, still won't work.Smallest I can get it is 1.72 MB. PM me with your mailing address and I will mail it to you full size. What the text says is:
In Memory of Edward & Ida Branbeck from
Bernice Branback Cootware
Mildred Branback Bonetti
Anne Branback Sholander
Bernard Branback
Leona Branback Starnes
Ellen Branback Rode
Edith Branback Bouchey
Rudolph Branback 1926-1929

Karen Norwillo
17-01-08, 18:07
Last try. Let's see if this works. Karen

17-01-08, 20:44
Thank you Karen
Works good ,thank you very much .I forward it to Krista DeRidder.I´m sure they love this one .

Karen Norwillo
17-01-08, 21:06
Here are death records for several of the children
Edith E Bouchey 20 Mar 1924-7Jun 2004
Beatrice Cootware 9 Mar 1911-Feb 1980 Florence, Florence, WI. Florence is very close to Dickinson county, MI
Mildred O Bonetti 24 Mar 1913-12 Dec 1989 Iron Mountain, Dickinson, MI
I believe this is Bernard Branback, Bernard E Branback 27 Jan 1918-23 Apr 1999 Kinsford, Dickinson, MI
I believe this is his wife, Anna E Branback 13 Jul 1916-30 Mar 1998 Kingsford, Dickinson, MI. I had found them in Public Records in Kingsford with matching info.
I also found his WWII Army Enlistment from June 10,1942. Indicated married.
He also was a POW of the Germans from 18 Jan 1945-10 Aug 1945. Says he was in Camp 095 and was returned to military control.
Two of the children may be still alive. I will send latest address by PM.

17-01-08, 21:23
Thank you again ,Karen
This is amazing what you find .Parents to Edward Branback are still missing.I have been in touch with Krista & Marc DeRidder.Marc are also great grand son to Ida and Edward on the mothers side.They don´t know either who Edwards parents is.They know he was from Malax Finland and born out of wedlock and mentioned as Karolinasson.Thank you again.I appreciate it very much.

06-09-13, 22:34
Bert. I am Edward Branback great granddaughter. His oldest child was Beatrice Branback. She wasn't maternal grandma. My grandma was married to Claude J Cootware. Their youngest child Patricia was married to Wayne Lsuzon. I'm looking for living relatives, stories, photos,Ervin can maybe fill in blanks and get some of mine filled as well. Feel free to contact me privately at. journeygirl8365*Gmail.com thanks