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15-01-08, 16:23
Hi, pls can anyone help decipher these names?
Someone sent them to me, apparently they are from the WW1 Draft Reg cards for the USA.
It says the nearest relative is Fild Määttä or Jornsun?

I can't think what these names could be. Is there such name as Fild or Jornsun? Doesn't sound right to my ear.
Please can anyone list any possibles for these 2 names.
Much appreciated.

15-01-08, 17:11
Hi Ayla,
I saw that WW1 Draft last night when I was searching for your Määttä's. I have a feeling it is Tilda or Hilda, and was from Joensuu.


15-01-08, 18:33
I thought of Tilda too, Tilly, Matilda, she was his daughter and she was still in Finland and in Joensuu too. Mmmm, I guess that really is true then, the Eicheles aren't my second cousins :(( This Tilly wasn't my great aunt's daughter, she was John Määtä's first wife's child, who died in childbirth in Joensuu. :( Very sad all round really.

I promised Ann Eichele/Weiric that I would help her try to find any living relatives from her grandmother who died in Joensuu (there's me talking like an expert! :) I've got a long way to go until I get to that point!) BUt I really felt for her, we were so hoping that Tilly was my great aunt's.
Hey ho!

I look forward to hearing from Ann Watt who you contacted for me. She may be able to fill some gaps in for Ann Eichele. Maybe if I can find some info for her about her grandfather, it may help soften this blow.

Many thanks again.