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Jaana Leino
15-01-08, 18:37
My name is Jaana Leino from Pori,Finland.

I am new and would like some help to find my american and candian relatives. On my mothers side it would be the name Lindgren, Roslöf, Elonen...

17-01-08, 18:33
We will need more information on your parents and grandparents in order to help. Many of us do not have recent information as many people do not post personal information on living people. I have Leino names in my data from places such as Kemi, Pyhäjoki, Pattijoki.

Eldon Oja

18-01-08, 10:34
Hello Jaana
I have some of you Lindgrens, Roslöf, Elonen on my data, but I dont know if I have you relatives in States and Canada.


Jaana Leino
20-01-08, 09:19
I am searching information on Gustaf Elonen who emigrated USA or Canada 1907 - 1913.

He was born 1884 - 1886 in the Province of Satakunta , Finland (Pori, Luvia...)

He sent post cards from Cleveland to my grandfather's mother Amanda Lindgren.

Now I would like t know more about him and his stay in USA or Canada.

Kind regards Jaana