View Full Version : Mahanan - Paakki

June Pelo
15-01-08, 17:44
Someone has researched his/her family Mahanen from Salvolax in Österbotten and släkten Paakki from Piippola-Haapavesi-Pulkkila. The person wants to know if there are any members with these names. If so he/she has genealogies back to the 1400s.

Let me know if you're interested and I can give you an address.


b hietala
16-01-08, 02:33
It's probably a stretch, but I have a strong Palkki lineage and Haapavesi is in the geographic area of many of my relatives from that branch. I would be interested in looking at the information. Spelling variances are not uncommon and I would be interested in other surnames as well.