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15-01-08, 19:45
Hej, I am Christopher Hagstrom from New Britain, Pennsylvania, USA. I am looking for my possble Swedish Finn relatives from (maybe) the Alands and western Finland.My great-grandparents may have emigrated from there around 1890 to Philadelphia PA & settled across the river in Camden, New Jersey. I live about 35mi. NE of Phila.in a little town in Bucks County. I am hoping to trace my family/history as my children and I are the last Hagstroms from this family that I know of and I have next to no information about who we are or where we come from.It is very important to me to put our story together and perhaps one day see where we came from--hence, my joining this forum. I am indebted to Mr.I.Ekman, a member here, for contacting me and making me aware of this wonderful resource and to Ms. E.Meyer at Alands Emigrant Institute. Thanks to you both for your interest & kind assistance and to the gentleman who maintains this forum.I will post a more specific query for my relatives in that forum section. Anyone with info, please feel free to contact me. Thank you!

15-01-08, 20:20
Hi Christopher!

Just a little warm welcome to you! I've been here a little over a month now and I must say that I am so glad to be here. I have learned so much from the wonderful members here, everyone is so helpful. I look forward to returning the favour one day, once I get myself sorted with my family tree.

So, all the best of luck. Write every little bit of info you find until you get sorted with the relevant software and enjoy! It will be an amazing journey!

See you around the forum

Ayla from London, England.

16-01-08, 04:42
Thanks so much for your warm words of welcome.I've just finished reading/replying to some posts to my initial query on this forum from some wonderful folks who took an interest and I already have some definite results. I am so very pleased and excited to be here and thankful for this terrific resource and all the kind hearts out there willing to help with something so very dear to my heart.Best of luck to you also and,with any luck, I'll be seeing you around the forum too.

Regards from,
Christopher Hagstrom
New Britain,Pennsylvania,USA

24-01-08, 19:12
Hey Christopher!

Welcome to the Swedish Finn Historical Society and good luck with your geneological quest. If there are any people who know how to do geneology, you've got them here. You've already contacted the Migration Institute on Åland. That's a good place to start. There is also Vasanejdens släktforskare in Vasa (Vasa Region Family Researchers).

We are neighbors. I live in Hatfield and would be happy to share any information I can. Call me at work (Montgomery County Community College): 215 641 6377.

25-01-08, 04:52
Hej LBacklund,
Thanks for your kind message. We are indeed neighbors and that info on the Vasa researchers is most appreciated. Since I have learned of a possible connection between my great-grandmother's family & the Vasa/Österbotten area, I may need to speak with you to learn more about that resource.
Thank you and please be in touch anytime.Regards,

09-03-08, 02:16
Wow the world is a small place, I am also from the tri state area. What is your relative's name in Vasa? I have some info on Vasa and the Uppgård/Snickars family who came to America in 1901 and 1907.

10-03-08, 22:39
Hey Wanda!

The people on the Finlander Forum are all enthusiastic and anxious to help their fellows---wherever it may lead them. In my case, members of my family were in the United States before and after 1912, when a law required them to select a family name (efternamn). My grandfather selected Backlund then. Prior to 1912, they were all Skinnars and from a village in the parish of Närpes, south of Vasa. I suspect that there were many who did that, as well as many who changed their names for other reasons (the border authorities have problems reading in some cases!). This complicates geneological research. Despite this, one of my uncles did compile a geneology reaching back into the 14th century that I consider one of my prize possessions.

Thanks for making contact. God fortsättning!

11-03-08, 00:42
Hi Wanda:
Thanks for your post! Yes, my great-grandmother came from near Vasa; it is a place south/west of there called Malax. Before I joined here, I had no specific background on where my great-grandparents were from in Finland other than family anecdotes. Thanks to the kindness & expertise of the folks on this forum, I now know where she came from & a bit about her family going back a few generations, the Norrgårds.
Still looking for my great-grandfather's family, Hagström,in Åland or Österbotten. There's a pretty good thread on my search under the'relatives search board/exchanging info w/GSF' section of forum. Please give it a look through if you'd like to learn some of the detail.And, of course, if you've found anything I might like to know please be in touch anytime!
Best regards,
Christopher Hagstrom

18-03-08, 18:15
A few bits of information. There is a Hagstrom family in Minnesota. There was a Margareta (Greta) Matint. Hägström born abt. 1775 in Ilmajoki. There were Snickars in Vöyri. If you steer us a bit more it would help.


June Pelo
18-03-08, 19:27
Hagström is a fairly common name and I have lots of them in my database, but I have not seen any definite information posted about which Hagström is being researched: name, birthdate, birthplace?

18-03-08, 23:50
Hello June & Eldon:

Thanks for your posts. I am looking for Otto Wilhelm Hagström, my great-grandfather, who was born about 6 Apr 1864 according to the age listed on the cemetery death record(52 years,9 mos, 9 days/ d.15 Jan 1917) from where he is buried outside Camden, NJ. On the !900 US Fed.Census his birth is given as "abt. 3/1866". Unfortunately, I do not know his birthplace. From stories told by his son( my grandfather Harry), I believe he may have been from either Åland or Öland. Please have a look if you'd care to at the thread on "exchanging searches w/GSF" for more detail on my search so far. No other family of his came to USA that I know of-- the family were all in Camden/Philadelphia area. He arrived here abt.1893-4 accord.to that census & lived first in Phila., then in Camden.His parents first names appeared as Christian & Sophia on a W.P.A death record dated 1937-38.
Thanks again for your interest!