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June Pelo
20-01-08, 00:55
The State Department has released the results of last year's lottery program. The statistics show Sweden with 118 winners, followed by Finland 59, Denmark 58, Norway 43, and Iceland 13. The former Soviet Union States such as Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Belarus top the list for the European continent with winners in the thousands.

Once in the US what happens to the immigrants, what impact do they have on American society? A study shows that immigrants are responsible for close to a quarter of New York Stat's economy and include not only 70% of the city's cooks and construction workers and 90% of its taxi drivers, but half of the city's doctors and accountants and a fourth of the CEO's.

Foreign-born residents were responsible for $229 billion of New York's economy last year - more than the individual gross domestic product of 30 states. The report also wipes away the myth that immigrants are concentrated at the low end of the economic spectrum, but the report suggests that the immigrants are in the middle-income levels. Some disparities exist between residents and immigrants. Native workers in the city make between 9% and 19% more than immigrants with the same level of education.

Norden, 3 Jan 2008


24-01-08, 03:16
Hi June,
I just saw the game shows of the early tv years program on pbs.

The so-called lottery seems for me to be rigged just as the 64000 dollar question and those similar shows.
Curious that the state department "lottery" had so many from the former USSR getting so lucky.

June Pelo
25-01-08, 02:29

I remember the $64,000 Question show. And I also wondered why those former USSR countries rated so high!!


25-01-08, 16:58
Perhaps the standard of living in the various countries also plays into the equation of how many people want to emmigrate.