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20-01-08, 19:13
I know this is a long shot because the dates may not be covered by HisKi, but just in case I'm looking in the wrong place, please can anyone help me with this search. Sadly it is a bit vague so I understand if I can't get anywhere with it. All searches on HisKi that I do end with zero.

I am looking for the birth/christening of Aina Pehko. She died in childbirth, giving birth to her only child Tille/Matilda on the 18 April 1912.

Her husband was John/Johan Määttä who was born 15 Nov 1880. I don't know which year Aina was born but it looks like it was between 1880 and 1900?Maybe later?

They were from Joensuu, I don't know which parish :((

I am trying to find if Aina or John had any other relatives.
Many thanks.


Karen Norwillo
20-01-08, 21:22
Joensuu is in North Karelia, but there are 12 parishes in that region. Hiski does have Määtä listed, but I couldn't find a Johan with the birthdate you gave. Do you have a patronymic for Aina? Was she from the same area? 1894 would probably be the latest DOB making her 18 at her daughter's birth. I figure 1880-1894??? There are no Pehko listed. Karen

Karen Norwillo
20-01-08, 22:08
I looked through all the parishes in North Karelia. Many had alot of Määtä names, primarily Juuka, Kiihtelysvaara, Pielisjärvi and Tohmajärvi. Unfortunately as you said, the records don't include the years you need, unless you can find Aina's patronymic.

21-01-08, 11:35
I dont know much else at the moment. It's all a bit of a mystery and linked to my great aunt Aina who went to the States.
Basically, John Määttä is my great uncle by marriage. He married my great aunt Aina. When I did all that research with your's nd Denise's help, I found their grand daughter in Georgia. However, it turns out that this lady's grandmother was called Aina but had a different maiden surname (Pehko).

This poor lady was the one who died in childbirth. Then John went to the USA, married my Aina and my Aina raised the little girl Tille/Matilda who then had this lady Ann, whom I was hoping was my relative.

The confusion arose because great uncle John married 2 women with the same name! I said I would at least help Ann try to find some relatives from her mum's side but all the information I have is what she gave me above. :((
This one will take some time I think. Thank you anyway, I will see if Ann remembers anything else.


Karen Norwillo
21-01-08, 15:28
Let me get this straight in my mind. Johan married a woman named Aina in Finland, they had a daughter Tillie/Mathilda. Aina died in childbirth and then John married another woman named Aina who raised the child. Is that correct? Ann is the child of Tillie??? Was the Finland Aina from the Joensuu area? I checked all the parishes and found no mention of the name Pehko. Wondering if it could have been something like Pehkonen etc.There are many Pehkonen listed on Hiski, many from the North Karelia area. On the LDS site, I found an Aina Aliina Steffansdotter Pehkonen born 1875 in Ilomantsi, Finland. This is in North Karelia. Could this be her? She would have been 37 when Tillie was born and 5 years older than Johan. Possible. Karen

21-01-08, 15:51
yes it is a bit confusing isn't it! Took me a couple of weeks to get my head around it all, especially when I found Ann Eichele/Weirich, I was convinced she was my second cousin and grand daughter of my great aunt Aina. Ann kept insisting that her grandmother Aina was not a Brander but a Pehko from Joensuu.

Soooo, just so I got this right too.....

Ann Eichele/Weirich's mother was Tilly/Matilda Määttä. Tilly was born in Finland but went to live in the States when she was 11. Tille was apparently born 18 April 1912 somewhere in Joensuu. Her mother Aina Pehko died in childbirth. Tilly's dad was John Määttä. He left the baby with her grandparents and went to the USA and presumably, once he got himself set up he sent for his daughter Tilly, who was by then 11. Poor thing, leaving all she knew in Finland to go and live with her father who she didn't know :(((

Anyway, while in the States, John met and married my great aunt, also called Aina. She became Tilly's stepmom. Sadly, it seems that the 2 didnt get on or keep in touch, because Ann has no information whatsoever about my great aunt Aina and she knows only what I told you about her grandmother Aina.

Apparently, Tilly never spoke about home/the past etc. It was something she didnt want to get into. :(( So Ann grew up with her siblings not knowing much about her Finnish family.

About 6 years ago they tried to find out some information, I even found their posts on ancestry from 2000. BUt their info is so vague unfortunately. I also think Pehko was shortened from something but I think HisKi take that into account when searching?
I have tried to find the chirstening/births of John and Aina in Joensuu but can't even find that :((( My only hope to help Ann is to find out more about John Määttä. Maybe through that way I can find out something. This one will take some time I think. I just really wanted to help Ann, she has never had any family from her parents side. I told her that I would try my best but it would take time because I'm working on my names too. In the meantime, I told her to think back and talk to any of her mom's Finnish friends etc if she can, dig out the old photos and take a look etc. If the HisKi records ever go up to 1912 we may get somewhere.
I am going to Finland this summer but I am going to be really tied up in Helsinki and all over Pori I just dont think it is possible for me to go there too. I will have my 2 children in tow plus my mom who can't walk far or travel too much so I really need to be choosy about where I go sadly.
Goodness, this has turned into a long post! Sorry!
Thanks ever so for your help/advice. Always good to chat about it, just to make sure I'm not looking in the wrong place.


22-01-08, 00:25
Hi Ayla,
Just a thought... I put the surname Pehko in on Ancestry, and came up with just 2 people. One is an Aline Pehko from Haukavouri, Finland which would be in the area you are searching in North Karelia and Pehkoin would probably the name shortened to Pehko. The other is for a Johan Pehko, from Wujsuori????Finland. Haven't a clue or a guess for that one, but I thought maybe this Aline's may be a clue for you.


Detroit Border Crossings and Passenger and Crew Lists, 1905-1957
Name: Aline Pehko
Arrival Date: 19 Aug 1943
Age: 66
Birth Date: abt 1877
Birthplace: Haukivouri
Birth Country: Finland

Port of Arrival: Detroit, Michigan

Microfilm Roll Number: M1478_77
World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
Name: Johan Pehko
City: Manhattan
County: New York
State: New York
Birthplace: Finland;Russia
Birth Date: 7 Jun 1891
Race: White
Roll: 1787087
DraftBoard: 170


Nearest Relative:


Color of Eyes/Hair:

Signature: View Image

Source Citation: Registration Location: New York County, New York; Roll: 1787087; Draft Board: 170.

Source Information:
Ancestry.com. World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918

22-01-08, 03:34
Hi Ayla,
Just reread my last post and realized I made it sound like Haukivouri was in North Karelia; it's in South Savo, right next to North Karelia. Thought I would clarify that.


22-01-08, 04:27
Hi Ayla,
Did you happen to look at Hiski for Määttä cemetery records? Check this out...
http://www.genealogia.fi/haudat/indexe.htm Type the name Määttä and hit search.


22-01-08, 04:59
Hi Ayla,
There are Pajari cemetery photos also. Click on the photo to enlarge them.


22-01-08, 13:29
Thanks Denise, I tried all them too :(( I would have loved to have found cousin Elli Pajari's grave, but sadly, most of these are from right up north Finland, the arctic circle way.
Who has put these photos on the site, do you know? Is it volunteers who focus on a surname and take them? It has given me an idea of doing the same when I visit Helsinki and Pori in August. What do you think? All I need is a mega stick for my digital camera, so I can take loads of photos. :)))
Thank you also for the Pehkos. Oh I wish I could go back in time for a day!
(hubby is now saying I am obsessed!:D )