View Full Version : Anna Lovisa Pettersdotter Långsjö-Hjulfors

Karen Norwillo
24-01-08, 01:57
Anna married my gguncle, Petter Johansson Långsjö/Langsea. I have also found her listed as Anna Forsman in the 1921 obit of her son Joel P Langsea in WA. She was born 2 Dec 1855 in Lappfors Esse to Petter Anders Hansson Långsjö and Maja Lisa Mattsdotter ?Snåre. I'm wondering if anyone has an explanation for the Forsman? Which is correct, Hjulfors or Forsman? Karen

Kaj Granlund
02-02-08, 15:50
Both are correct. Hjulfors is the farm area where they lived, the name of the farm was used as a kind of "familyname" but at some point they got themselves a familyname Forsman. So if you want to trace them back you need to use Hjulfors and finding their descendants you have to use Forsman. Hjulfors is situated close to a cataract and "Fors.." is the Swedish word for cataract.

Karen Norwillo
02-02-08, 16:18
Again, thank you Kaj. I can always count on you to come through. Karen