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Karen Norwillo
24-01-08, 16:05
Does anyone know the name of the Swedish-Finnish Baptist Church in Seattle or Tacoma, WA? I'm looking for the marriage date of Joel Pettersson Långsjö/Langsea and Beata Sofia Lundgren. Joel was born 2 Feb 1887 in Finland. Beata, Betty, was also born in Finland, abt 1887, in Oxkangar, Oravais. She emigrated in 1905. Their first child was born in Tacoma in 1913.
Joel died in 1921 and Betty in 1960, both in Tacoma. I have recently been in touch with the grand-daughter of Joel and Betty and we are sharing info, looking to "fill in the blanks." All I'm looking for at this time is that wedding date.
Chuck, does Swenson have those records? Or just the Lutheran churches?

Karen Norwillo
24-01-08, 20:34
Correction to Beata's surname. Should be Lundberg, not Lundgren. My error.

Ingemar Ekman
26-01-08, 12:03
Hi Karen,
According to the book “Hälsning från Amerika” started the Finnish Baptist Mission in Chicago Illinois the 29 March 1901 and in October 1901 the Swedish-Finnish Baptists in America had their first conference and several churches started in different states, mostly in Michigan.
When the book was published (1910?) it stated that they have about 300 members with 5 pastors and the head quarter was in Chicago .
In Chicago they had two pastors. Swedish speaking Edward Fleming and Finnish speaking H.J. Jäppinen and he was also a teacher in the Finnish at Morgan Park.

Karen Norwillo
26-01-08, 16:14
Thanks, Ingemar. Also to Denise, who found that Beata's patronymic was Mårtensdotter (Mårtensson) as listed on her 1906 passport. Seems when she left Hanko she was bound for Marquette, MI. Confirms 1887 birth and home parish as Oxkangar, Oravainen. When and how she ended up in Tacoma is yet to be determined. The Långsjö/Langsea family came first to Manistee, MI and then to Tacoma and Seattle. They were in WA by 1910. I have to check further exactly when they left MI. Karen

Karen Norwillo
06-02-08, 16:43
I received a reply to my request from the clerical office in Finland, Åsa Björklund writes that Beats Sofia Lundberg was born 12.8.1887 in Oxkangar at Abrams farm #1.

06-02-08, 19:30

You might try www.ballardbaptistchruch.org


06-02-08, 19:32
Sorry, No church should ever be a "chruch"


Karen Norwillo
06-02-08, 19:44
That's alright, did you notice how I misspelled Beata? Thanks for the tip. I'll give it a try. Karen

June Pelo
06-02-08, 22:16

Surfing the Net I found there were Swedish-Finn Baptist churches in Seattle and Tacoma, both founded in 1908. But no more info. on them.

Also ran across the name of Central Baptist church, Tacoma, and Ballard Baptist church, Seattle. Maybe someone living in WA will be able to find more about them.


Karen Norwillo
07-02-08, 14:45
Thanks everyone. I sent an email yesterday to the Ballard Baptist Church. I believe Joel and Beata (Betty) were married in Seattle between 1910-1913. I just realized that in the 1910 census in Seattle, Joel is mistakenly recorded as Joseph. He was still single at the time of the census. By WWI Draft cards, he was married with 2 children living in Seattle. First child born 1914 Apr. Hope to hear from someone there. Karen