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Connie Jacoby
24-01-08, 20:17
I'm trying to locate the birth record of Johanna Elizabeth Nyman, born June 19, 1880 in Vasa, Finland. She married Carl Albert Isakson Norrgard on May 21, 1902 in Smedsby, Mustasaari, Vasa, Finland. Her certificate of good standing from from the Dioecesis Aboensis. Magni Princ Finl. is dated May 4, 1906 and shows here name as Julianna Elisabet Norrgard. She died in 1975 in Tucson, Arizona.

Her 1966 application for social security benefits shows her parents names as Axel and Brita Newman. There is conflicting verbal information from a cousin of a friend who looked at the church records for the marriage, which showed her as Britasdotter -- illigitimate.

Any clues or information would be greatly appreciated.

Connie Jacoby
27-01-08, 17:46
Since I know Johanna's birth date, can I order a birth certificate from some government agency?

29-01-08, 19:23
Hi Connie
I did a quick research on Johanna Elisabeth Nyman today and discovered if she is your ancestor the you and i are related.

Johanna Elisabeth Britasdotter Nyman born June 19 1870 in Weikars, Korsholm.
Mother of Johanna was Brita Israelsdotter Nyman nee Back born March 30 1842 in Jungsund ,Korsholm.Brita married July 17 1870 to Johan Nyman born Dec 24 1842 in Storkyro. They lived on Båskas farm no 1 in Weikars.Johan was a miller.
They had children: 1 Johan Axel b.Sept 18 1867 in Selånger, Sweden
2 Maria b.Feb 18 1870 in Weikars
3 Erik b.July 15 1871 in Weikars d.May 31 1872 in Weikars
Out of wedlock 4 Johanna Elisabeth b.June 19 1880
There is a note in the churchrecord about Johan Nyman:Probably died during a sea journey.The family thought he died and Brita got one mor child,father unknown.But,Brita and the children Johan Axel, Maria and Johanna Elisabeth moved to Vasa in 1886 and guess who is living with them in Vasa. In Vasa churchrecord 1886-1895 page 635 is the Nyman family: Johan ,wife Brita, Johan Axel, Maria and Johanna Elisabeth.Dont know from where Johan came but he moved to Vasa Dec 12 1886 so he was not dead.Their son Johan Axel moved to Sundsvall, Sweden.I could not follow up the rest of the family as the churchrecord ends at 1899.
So the relationship: Brita Israelsdotter Back´s father was Israel Israelsson Back from Jungsund b. and Israel Israelsson`father was Israel Michelsson Kuni married to Johanna Mickelsdotter Stål Beijar .The father of Johanna , Mickel Beijar b. 1769is my greatgreatgreatgreatgrandpa.The village Smedsby where Johanna Nyman married is the neighbour village to Böle where i live and there is a lot of Norrgård in Smedsby, i think i have some in my family tree too.

29-01-08, 19:33
Hi again Connie
Attached pictures from the birthrecord of Johanna and churchbook record when they lived in Weikars before Johan disappeared

Connie Jacoby
30-01-08, 03:43

I am still in shock with the information you posted. Johanna Nyman has been my brick wall for many years. You have helped me so much.

My children Duane and Debra are your relatives. As children, they both knew Johanna. Johanna took a liking to my daughter and would hold her--I have a photo of this. Girls were rare in the family. Johanna had 3 sons, 2 of whom died in childhood. The surviving son had 5 boys. Of her grandchildren, only 2 girls and 4 boys before her death, later 1 more girl and 2 boys.

Is there any information about when John Nyman was thought to be lost at sea? That's interesting because Johanna's daughter-in-law told me Johanna's dad had gone to sea and never returned.

When I get this sorted out in my head, I will write more later.


10-02-08, 17:23
Hi Connie
Forgot earlier to mention that Debra and Duane have a lot of relatives in US too from this Back-Beijar line,im in contact with several descendants in Michigan, have met a couple when we visited US in 2007 and in New York are living about 100 people at Staten Island descending from Beijar.:)

Connie Jacoby
12-02-08, 03:42
Hi Christer,

Where in Michigan did the Back-Beijar people live? The Norrgårds lived near Marquette, in the upper Peninsula. Their first home was in Skandia Township where the many Scandanavian people lived. There also was an Axel Nyman who lived there at the time. I think he was Johanna's older brother (or maybe a cousin) Johan Axel, but I haven't been able to prove it. Axel's obituary (found in Johanna's things after she died) showed one pallbearer as Arvid Norrgård, who was Karl Albert's brother. Karl and John Norrgård also had 2 sisters who settled in Massachusetts. The obituary isn't dated, but has a handwritten note of September 27 (no year).

I've been trying to find in HisKi Brita's family that you told me about, but I'm not sure I am finding the right people.

On 8-7-1827 in Vassor Bs Israel Mickelss Kunii married Johanna Michelsdr Ståle -- which looks like the right people. Do you know if this is correct?

I found Brita's birth record 30-3-1842 in Jungsund showing parents Israel Ståhl and Johanna age 36 -- looks right but doesn't show the the Back or Beijar surnames. Do I have the right people?

I was not able to find a birth record for Mickel Beijar b. 1769 in Hiski.

Earlier you mentioned there were a lot of Norrgårds in Smedsby. There were several generations of lots of kids. There are also some Norrgårds in Kvevlax who don't seem to be related.

12-02-08, 19:54
Hi Connie
You have relatives in Lansing, MI: Karen Douglas and she s a member of
this forum.Debras and Duane's ancestor Brita Israelsdotter Back b.March 30 1842 was the sister of Karen Douglas ancestor Israel Israelsson Back b.May 22 1840
Don Lillrose in Creek Landing,Haslett, his ancestor Johanna Israelsdotter b.Aug 20 1833 is also a sister of these
Don's niece Karen Lillrose in Colorado is also a member of this forum
Joanne Bennetti in Staten Island, NY is a descendant of Johan Fredric Beijar who is also my greatgreatgrandpa and brother of Duane and Debras ancestor Johanna Stål Beijar.Joanne told me that there are ab. hundred Beijar relatives in Staten Island
There is probably even more Beijar relatives somewhere in US because Johan Fredric Beijar had two more sons Emil, Arvid with his first wife and these boys emgrated to US too but i havent been able to trace them yet but i know Emil lived in Washington fo a while
Attached ancestors of my greatgreat granpa Johan Fredric Beijar and put a mark on your childrens ancestor Johanna.Probably confusing to read.
Axel Johan NYman b.Sept 18 1867 was the broter of Johanna Nyman
Johan Arvid b.May 22 1882 was Karl Alberts brother.
Karl and John had 7 sisters, two of them died young.
Im working on the ancestral file for Karl Albert and will send it later to you
I do know Marquette, we visited Midge Waters in Negaunee in May 2007.
Its a small world Connie

June Pelo
12-02-08, 23:00
It's possible the name could also have become Beyer in the US. There was a Beyer family living somewhere in New York in the 1920s.


13-02-08, 08:02
Actually my relatives in Staten Island are using the spelling Beyar and i guess Beyer is also possible.

Connie Jacoby
13-02-08, 19:45
Hi Christer,
It certainly is a small world! Thanks for the info. I have a little trouble reading it as the format is different from what I am used to reading, but I keep reading it until I get it. It's amazing how many relatives there are. Later today I write write to each of the people you named who are on the list.

We live in Tucson, Arizona which is a long way from Michigan and Staten Island, but not so far from Colorado. You really visited a lot of places when you visited in 2007. You seem very passionate with your genealogy.

When I was a child, my family lived in Milwaukee, WI and there was a Beyer family who lived behind us. I don't know what their ethnicity was, but I sure will check now.

I really appreciate all the help you are giving me and I wonder if there is a way I can repay your kindness. I would be willing to pay for the information, or look up some items in the US that could help you in your searches.

Connie Jacoby
13-02-08, 19:49
It's possible the name could also have become Beyer in the US. There was a Beyer family living somewhere in New York in the 1920s.


There was a Beyer family that lived behind my family's house in Milwaukee when I was a child. I will have to find out where the Beyer family was from. Thanks for the tip.

13-02-08, 20:06
Thats kind of you if you can try to find out something about the Milwaukee Beyer, i know there are german people named Beyer in US so might be there is no connection but im curios.And dont worry about paying, i do this for fun ,not for money.I will certainly figure out some job for you, unfortunately i dont have any missing emigrants in Arizona on my list right now,i think Arizona was not one of those places were swede-finns emigrated.Milwaukee
is known to me, im using hand tools in my job that are made in MIlwaukee.My wife Marlene has relatives in Brantwood, Wisconsin that we visited also in 2007 and 2004 but thats pretty far away from Milwaukee.

Connie Jacoby
19-02-08, 05:11
I thought I had written to you, but can't find a copy where I did.

The Beyer family in Milwaukee was of German descent, parents born in Prussia which was part of Germany. This is from the 1920 Milwaukee census.

I have entered all the Beijar ancestors in my family tree file. It took me a few days to get it all recorded. Thanks again, I really appreciate it.


Karen Douglas
23-02-08, 22:44
Dear Connie Jacoby, I have read Christer's post of Feb. 12 and happy to find that we are related. Christer is right. My ancestor was Israel Israelsson Back. You asked where in Michigan the Back-Beijar families lived. I don't know much about the Beijar family. But, Israel's daughter emigrated from Finland to the U.S. and Dollar Bay, Michigan in 1890. She married and had five children, but, eventually the family decided to return to Finland to live out their lives. One of their children (they had four more) was my father. He returned to the U.S., criss-crossed the ocean twice before bringing back my Finnish-born mother, and they settled in Lansing. My father's brother and two sisters followed him to the U.S. so you also have some cousins in the Detroit area, Florida, Colorado and Virginia, as well as Sweden and Finland.

I haven't been doing much with my genealogy this past year because of another committment, but I plan to return to it in June when that project ends. With all good wishes, "Cousin" Karen. :)

Connie Jacoby
24-02-08, 00:27
Hi Karen:

Good to hear from you. Always nice to meet a cousin. Actually in this case, my children Duane and Debbie are your cousins. Their father (now deceased) was a grandson of Johanna Elizabeth Nyman.

I'm getting myself very confused with Israel Israelson Back and Israel Mickelsson Kunii Ståhl who both seem to be the father of Johanna Mickelsdr Ståhl Beijar. Maybe when you get back to genealogy, you could help me to sort this out.

Well, good to hear you. Hope your terrible winter is almost over.