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24-01-08, 23:47
Has anyone seen any variations of the spelling of the surname Määttä please?
Especially in the States. Many thanks!

25-01-08, 01:22
Hi Ayla,
I looked at Ancestry.com, Institute of Migration, LDS and Hiski.
These are the various ones I found... :D

Miete, Mietto, Mytty, Mutta, Muotio, Muda, Möttö, Motti, Modee, Mitta, Määtä, Määttäs, Mäiettä, Maatt, Maattain, Maatanen, Maatatar, Maatain, Maatios, Maattains, Maatais, Maattoin, Meta, Maty, Mata, Metay, Mätee, and Mäite. And there are probably a few I missed! and I probably missed umlauts on a few!


25-01-08, 19:23
Only a couple then :D :D

Darrell Kaikkonen
25-01-08, 21:16
Hi Ayla,

My maternal greatgrandfather Andrew Petter Määttä came from the Sotkamo/Kuhmo area. In the U.S. some relatives had his name spelled Maatta and Matta. Hope this helps.

26-01-08, 15:02
Hi Darrell,
Thank you for your help. At this stage every bit of info helps. I feel like a detective! I'm trying to find which of the Määttäs on Ancestry are linked to my great uncle John Määttä who lived in Kentucky and Michigan. It suddenly dawned on me that I need to be looking at variations to the name too.

I don't suppose you know of a John or Johan Määttä, born around 1880? He was a tailor who worked for Marshall & Renchard in Birmingham, Michigan. I think he died in the 1940's. I know it is a long shot but I have to ask! :D

Many thanks again,

Karen Norwillo
26-01-08, 16:56
Is this your John in Kentucky 1930? He's a tailor. Karen

Karen Norwillo
26-01-08, 17:10
Here's his WWI Draft Registration, which you may already have. Might I suggest you post all your queries about a name in one place and in continuation. It will help to know what you already have and what you still need to find. Saves duplication of efforts to help you.

26-01-08, 18:28
Thank you Karen! Yes, that is him, I've got those records, I'm just having problems finding out when he first went to the States. Once I choose the correct one then I hope I can find out if he had any family in the States too.
I will try to keep to one post, sorry about that. I wasn't sure if it was ok to resurrect a post or not but it makes sense now to keep them all together.

I am now trying to find out if he had any other family in the USA apart from his wife and daughter, (I know all about them now). This is why I'm looking for more Määttä families and trying to establish the date he arrived at the USA. Darrell may be a long lost second cousin who knows :))))

19-02-08, 01:59
Hi Ayla,
O.K. Here is what I found from the phone call I made about John Määttä.

John Määttä was born in Oulu, Finland in 1889, died 1963 in Houghton County, Michigan (Parents were Juho Määttä and Regina Moilanen) John married twice. His first wife was Ida Pajari b. 1883 in Kemi, Finland (Parents were Erik Pajari and Maria Kauppila from Simo, Finland) John Määttä and Ida Pajari were married in Hancock, Houghton County, Michigan in 1911. They had the following children:
Ida (Pajari) Määttä died in 1922 in Houghton County, Michigan. John Määttä married a second time to a Hilma Kulju; no children from that marriage.
So, this is not your John Määttä that I can see a connection anywhere. He was never in Louisville, Kentucky or Detroit, Michigan. It was worth the try though. Hang in there! :D

Best Regards,

19-02-08, 10:28
Many thanks Denise. Shame though. Always worth a try as it means I can narrow the search down a bit if there isn't a match.
I hope this helps other members who have this name in their family tree.
Warm Wishes from London

19-02-08, 20:57
Hi Ayla,
I'm bummed too. One lead gone, but like you said at least we can cross that one off and move on to the next! :D