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Alicia Keto
25-01-08, 04:28
Hello to all!
I just found this group, searching on the web, what a great site!
I am Alicia Keto-Earles, from Illinois, My links to Finland are as follows.
(I just started searching a year ago, but check out my personal homepage for stories and pics of us too) if anyone knows any other information, or my information is not correct, please let me know. I got this info from family members and from ancestry.com I would like to know how Keto, which is the name that most of us have in Illinois, came about from all these other surnames, I understand that Keto means "little field" but does that mean that the Keto's did not own their own farms? were they servants to other farm owners? here is the information that I have.
Alicia Keto-Earles http://home.mchsi.com/~houseofearles (http://home.mchsi.com/%7Ehouseofearles)
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My grandparents are:
Leo and Alicie Forari-Keto lived in Rock Island, Illinois USA
Leo Keto Born 1/12/1912 Alice Forari-Keto born 1918

Leos Parents are :
Thomas Skinnar born 5/12/1866 in Finland (Jurva)
Ruusa, or Rose, Rosa Maki born 12/31/1881 in Finland

Thomas's Parents are:
Jakob Jakobsson Hollo born 12/5/1820 Finland
Ullrica Johansdotter Skinnar born 5/26/1825 Finland
they had three sons that I am aware of:
Thomas Skinnar, (listed above) Finland
Aleksander Jacobson Skinnar born 1/8/1848 in Jurva, Finland
Jacob Skinnar born 4/27/1850 Jurva, Finland

Jakob Jakobsson Hollo's parents are:
Jacob Esaisasson Stenman born 7/16/1787
Maria Olofsdotter Hollo Born 1/12/1784

If anyone knows the Maki family origins, I would appreciate a link, I only know of Ruusa, Rose, Rosa Maki's birthdate, nothing else!