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25-01-08, 07:00
I am searching for grandparents' ancestors fron Finland. Arrturi Willhelm Olenius from Helsinki married Hannah Marguerite Mankinen from Oulu in Finland in 1901. From letters I had translated I have most of Hannah's siblings. Hannah's mother is a Kari. I've learned much just reading other posts but am unsure where to start.

25-01-08, 16:12
Hi Sharon,
I noticed on Ancestry that you have a family tree started and neglected to add the birthdates on Finlander for everyone to help you. You have Artur Olenius as being born in 1872 on Ancestry. I've found a passport application and passenger record on the Institute of Migration that has his date of birth 15.02.1874 if this is the correct Artur. It appears he was traveling with his spouse, and one child, and was dated 21.03.1903.

Denise :)

Detailed passport information
Last name Olenius
First names Artur
Other names *
Date of birth 15.02.1874
Marital status 2
Religion Lut.
Occupation Nahkurinsälli
Home parish Oulun kaup.
Province OU
Passport date 21.03.1903
Passport number 511
Passport valid (year:month) 5:0
Destination Amerikka
Passport issued by OU
Remarks Sj vmo ja 1 lapsi.

Detailed passenger information
Last name Olenius
First names Artur W.
Age or age group 29
Port of departure Hanko
Place of destination San Francisco
State of destination CA
Country of destination USA
Price of ticket FIM 515
Ship from Finland Urania
Date of departure from Finland 15.04.1903
Ship from England Nordland
Date of departure from England 22.04.1903
Ocean Line American Line
Port of departure in England *
List and page 22/76
Remarks *

25-01-08, 16:30
Hi Sharon,
On LDS I found this on Artur Olenius.

Lindfors, Helsinki, Uusimaa, Finland

Death: 20 SEP 1911

and on spouse, Johanna...


Marriage: About 1901
San Francisco, San Francisco, California

Denise :)

26-01-08, 01:46
Thank you, Denise.
Amazing how many errors I have made in my posts. Indeed if Artur was 29 in 1903 as shown on his passport he then was born in 1874. Also he and Hannah were married in Finland not San Francisco.
Were you able to see Eugene Andrews family tree on Ancestry? If not I can send you an invite to view it. Artur also had a brother named Emil. We had a letter from him written in 1950 or so. Artur's first son was Wm. Emil Olenius. Their second son was Lawrence Artur Olenius. Both were born in Finland.
All these errors will soon show correctly when the LDS Church extends its new Family Search, probably within the year.
Artur born in 1874. Hannah born13 Feb 1877. Her uncle Heikki Mankinen born 15 Jan 1854 in Oulu. And his father is Olli Mankinen born 1828 Oulu.
So now I need to search in Finland. Where do I start?
Sharon L.

26-01-08, 02:59
I would have to say that you are on the right forum for help in Finland, and I'm sure there are plenty of members in Finland to help now with the birthdates posted here. :D On http://hiski.genealogia.fi/historia/indexe.htm and http://www.digiarkisto.org/sshy/ the records aren't available yet. :( Just sit tight, I'm sure someone will help you! :) The people on this forum are always very helpful.


26-01-08, 04:19
Hi Sharon,
I'm not real good at these records myself, but I believe this is your Johanna Makinen.


Paltamo - christened

Years 1877 - 1877
Father's last name: MANKINEN => Mankinen
Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child

13.2.1877 25.2.1877 Paldamo Bond. Matts Mankinen hustru Greta Sofia Eerukka 32 Greta Johanna

original - KKSIVU: 539
godparent: Kyrkovärden Josef Kemppainen (med hustru (seur. kummi))
godparent: hustru Brita Ulrika Makkonen
godparent: Dreng Henrik Mustonen
godparent: Pigan Ida Rimpiläinen

26-01-08, 13:23
This appears to be the marriage of Johanna's parents.


8.9.1867 14.11.1867 Paltaniemi Talokas, nuorimies Matti Matin poika Manginen Huonekuntasen tytär, nuoripiika Gretha Sofia Eerukka Paltaniemi

original - KUUKOMM: 15.9., 22.9.
original - VIHKIJÄ: A. Forbus
original - KKSIVU: 239
original - NRO: 223

26-01-08, 13:44
Here is the birth of Johanna's brother, Matts.


24.5.1879 29.5.1879 Paltaniemi Bonden Matts Manginen hustru Gretha Sofia Eerukka 35 Matts

original - KKSIVU: 539
godparent: Bondehustrun Kaisa Sofia Kajander
godparent: pigan Elsa Härkönen

26-01-08, 15:07
Welcome Sharon!

You have definately come to the right place! Warm welcome to you. I have been here about 2 months now and it has been a rollercoaster ride, I guarantee you will be hooked! :D

I see you have the wonderful Denise who has found some records for you, she is amazing! There a lots of other lovely members here who also search like the wind and come up with so much information so sit tight and you will see them all here soon enough.

In the meantime, good luck with your searching and keep us posted. I also learn so much from reading other posts.

Warm Wishes
Ayla in London

26-01-08, 16:26
This appears to be the death of Johanna's brother, Matti.



14.1.1882 27.1.1882 Talonpoika Matti Mankinen hinkutauti 2yrs.7mos. 20days of age

original - ALKUPKOMM: lapsi
original - SYNTPV: 24
original - SYNTKK: 5
original - SYNTVU: 1879
original - KKSIVU: 453

26-01-08, 16:34
I think I recall seeing a post about your Mankinen family somewhere that you probably posted and it mentioned an Olli. This is probably him in this moving record.

Denise :)

Paltamo - moved (in)

Last name: MANKINEN => Mankinen
To From
Departure Arrival Village Farm Person Place

19.11.1888 2.12.1888 Itsell. Olli Mankinen Nurmes

original - LISÄ: nainut
original - KKSIVU: 132
original - IKÄ: 29.7.46 Paltamo
original - MANKÖN: 1
original - MKKSIVU1: 132
original - MKKSIVU2: 132
person: waimo Marjetta Sirwiö (26.1.59 Kuhmo) (nainut)
person: lapsi Jaako Arwid (23.1.84 Nurmes) (naimaton)

26-01-08, 16:53
This looks like Greta Sofia Eerukka's moving out record; (Johanna's mother)

Denise :)

Paltamo - moved (out)

Last name: ERUKKA => Erukka
From To
Departure Arrival Village Farm Person Place

25.4.1894 Talollisen leski Reeta Sofia Erukka Kajaani

original - LISÄ: leski
original - KKSIVU: 382
original - IKÄ: 1844 Paltamo
original - KVINNKÖN: 1
original - MUUTTONRO: 32
original - ELATUSKEINO: ?

26-01-08, 16:57
And this appears to be Johanna's father, Matt Mankinen's death record.

14.5.1882 26.5.1882 Loism. Matti Mankinen tunt. 62yrs. 2mos. of age

original - ALKUPKOMM: naimat
original - SYNTPV: 14
original - SYNTKK: 3
original - SYNTVU: 1820
original - KKSIVU: 29

01-02-08, 04:39
Thank you all. I'm wondering how you have come up with her family. Sorry to be so dense.

01-02-08, 05:36
Hi Sharon,
This is how I usually try to find records on Hiski. http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski?en

First, just using the person's surname that I am searching, and hopefully a birthdate, I search all the parishes first by clicking "SEARCH ALL" and put the first few letters of the surname and enter the year, whether it's for christening, burial, marriage, move in, or moved out records. In your case for Hannah Mankinen, you said she was from Oulu, and LDS had a birthdate as well as you having a birthdate of 13 Feb. 1877 (13.02.1877). Oulu Province is in pink on the map which I have attached below, not Oulu as in the parish. I clicked on the Province of Oulu on the map, not the searches of parishes on the left side of the screen, (which includes many parishes in that Province) and entered the first few letters of the surname in a search for christening records and the year 1877-1877. Scrolling thru the names that came up with that birthdate was your Hannah, who's birth given name was Greta Johanna (Americanized=Hannah) and surname Mankinen. Along with that christening record is her father's name, and mother's. It takes some time to get used to searching the records. I used to think I had to search just the one parish, but many times I find that you have to search the whole Province to find who you are searching for, and sometimes the records don't include the years of the person you are searching, and then you wait, and hopefully those records are transcribed and put online soon! :) Also I recently learned that when you do enter a surname, at the top of each parish when you get your results, there are other names sometimes, and those are other names that could be used for searching also, in your case Manginen was one of the names that you might enter in place of Mankinen. I hope this all makes sense to you, and that I'm not rambling on and getting you more confused...:confused: Once you have the parent's names, in your case Matts Mankinen and Greta Sofia Eerukka, you can scroll through and find other children they had, and marrriage records, burials, etc. Sometimes next to the mother's name will be a number, like 23 for example, and then you know the mother was 23 yrs. old when she gave birth to that child, and then you can find her in other records and her parents because subtracting that age from the year of her child's birth you have a birthyear for the mother. Sometimes the father's name will say for example Olofs: Matts Mankinen, and you then know that Matts Mankine's father's name was Olof Mankinen. Make sense? Just practice, practice, practice, and you'll find it's not that hard. In fact it's quite fun, like being a detective!

Best Regards,

02-02-08, 00:00
Denise,thank you so very much!!! Sharon

02-02-08, 00:30
Hi Sharon,
I forgot to mention that when searching, if a name is spelled with umlauts, you need to type the name in correctly or you will come up with no results. Example: if your name Mankinen was spelled Mänkinen (dots above the ä). Usually the most common ones are ä and ö. To type these letters on your keyboard, hold the alt key down and to type ä, you would use the calculator side of your keyboard, hold the alt key down and type 0228. To type an ö, hold the alt key down and type 148. :D Hope this helps you. It's taken me years to find all these little useful hints, and I'm still learning! Happy searching!

Best Regards,

10-02-08, 01:05
I have found a few more Eerukkas, thank you. What are the translations for the words in blue on HisKi?