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Paul Dahlin
26-01-08, 17:29
Hello Folks!! My wife's cousin, Perry Doner, in Vancouver has asked if anyone can help locate any information about Kerttu Hyvarinen. Kerttu was the grandmother of Perry's wife.

They have very little information about her but they do know Kerttu Hyvarinen was born in Finland on November 13, 1904. She also had a brother named Emil Hyvarinen. It is believed that Kerttu and Emil emigrated to Canada in 1925.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Karen Norwillo
26-01-08, 22:00
I found one reference on Ancestry to a Kerttu Hyvarinen. It is attached, but it doesn't match perfectly. There is a private family tree that only says born Varpais Järvi, Finland, but you need to contact the owner for more info. I'll send that email address private messoage. I found one Emil Hyvarinen, but he was born in MN. Our member Robert Mattson has a Hyvarinen tree on TALKO. All seem to be from Pulkkila, Oulu area. Maybe try contacting him. Karen

Paul Dahlin
02-02-08, 13:57
I received a private e-mail from one of Kerttu's granddaughters who knew we were searching for information.

Apparently Kerttu lived near Kuopio, Finland in a small town named Pielisensuu prior to coming to Canada.

She has a copy of Kerttu`s passport and it revealed the following:

Birth 10.11.1903
Date of passport 27.7.1923
Time of passport 5 years
Palvelijatar (servant, hired girl)
Religion: Lutheran
Native place: Pielisensuu (municipality)

Listed in passenger records at the Finnish Institute of Migration at http://www.migrationinstitute.fi/emregfree/ml_engresults2.asp

Passenger lists archive at the Institute of Migration reveals that Kerttu Hyvärinen departed on board the ARCTURUS from Hanko on 22.08.1923 and continued on board the newly built DORIC of the White Star Line from Liverpool to Toronto on 31.08.1923.

Unfortunately we have no information before 1903.