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28-01-08, 06:51
I'm trying to fill in some blanks in my family history, but I can't read the handwriting on these records from Ikaalinen. :( Would someone be so kind to just translate the names in order on these. The dates are legible and easy enough for me to read. I would appreciate the help. These are in regard to Kaisa Tuomaantytär Suomijärvi, b. 11.11.1750 and Matti Matinpoikä Otava, b. 22.1.1751.


Jaska Sarell
29-01-08, 09:54
Something like this (excluding the lower parts of independent lodgers, whose relationship is not apparent from this document):

Suomijärfwij [relation to Carin]
h.b. Jacob Sigfredsson
h. Brita Thomasdr [aunt]
syst. Lisa Sigfredsdr
pn Maria Michelsdr
pn Maria Larsdr
s Anna Sigfredsdr
sn Thomas [1st cousin]
sn Johan [1st cousin]
dr Maria [1st cousin]
? Matts Nielsson
pigh dr Batsheba Johansdr
h. br. Thomas Thomasson [father]
h. Brita Mattsdr [mother]
sn Thomas Thomasson [brother]
dr Carin Thomasdr [herself]

Åtawa [relation to Matts]
h.b. Matts Sigfredsson [maternal grandfather]
h. Walborg Olofsdr [maternal grandmother]
måg Matts Simonsson [father]
h. Maria Mattsdr [mother]
syst. Lisa Sigfredsdr [great aunt]
br. Thomas Sigfredsson [great uncle]
måg s. Jöran Mattsson [brother]
dr Maria Mattsdr [sister]
dg Johan Jacobsson
pn Elsa Mårthensdr
.. Matts Mattsson [himself]

:) Jaska

29-01-08, 14:24
Thank-you, Jaska! I tried making a stab at it myself but the only names that stood out were Sigfredsson and Walborg! :D I appreciate your time and effort on this one. You are truly quite amazing!