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02-02-08, 17:10
Can someone who is familiar with Finnish Rippikirjat,explain what the { X }'s and
{ / }'s mean under the column that each individual took Communion for each year. I was told that X's mean the person took Communion that year. Why would they put the date on some years and an X on others? And what does an / mean when under same year column? I was also told that no marking meant that the person did not attend

My ancestor Pehr Hellman was living on the soldiers cottage # 36 in Kalajoki
Here is what is found on the Communion books(years:1806-1812)
1806 Pehr (can't read date}
1807 Pehr { x } {blank}for wife
1808 Pehr { x } { / } for wife
1809 Pehr { blank } {dito}for wife
1 son attended 8.20.09
1810 Pehr {28.11.} {dito}for wife
1811 Pehr { 3.2.} { dito} for wife
1812 Pehr {22.7?} {dito} wife

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