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June Pelo
03-02-08, 22:42
A group of people in Finland are holding a class to learn about researching their lost relatives in the US. Some are beginners and others are more advanced. They've asked for useful Internet sites to help them get started. Can you recommend some to me.



Karen Norwillo
04-02-08, 00:00
I got some of my best info from Ancestry, but of course it's a paid site. Another good source is GenWeb. Just preface it with the abbreviation of the state. If the county is known, follow with that. Ex. MIGenWeb Iron. I also did well with just entering the state or county or even a city along with genealogical society or historical society. Ex. Becker County Genealogical Society or Delta County Historical Society. Then of course there are some states that have vital records on-line that you can search and order or writing or emailing the county clerk in small towns for copies of old records. Then the RAOGK is sometimes a good try. I just type in the RAOGK and the state. You'll get a list of people in a county and what they are willing to look-up. Or posting queries on any genealogical site. I've found alot that way. LDS is always a good choice or Ellis Island Records. Karen

June Pelo
04-02-08, 00:53
Thanks, Karen. Those are good ones and I'll add them to my list.


04-02-08, 02:04

Hi June,
This is good for emigrants pre Ellis Island. My mother's parents came via Boston, 1901 and 1902. My dad's father came via Quebec in 1893 but still no listing for that year as of today. For the non-NYC emigrants, ancestry.com is the only place. I used ancestry.com access at a large public library locally so perhaps in Finland the LDS church also has that service?

http://www.augustana.edu/swenson/ for Swedish-Finns. The compilation that Kai Granlund (vicar at Esse) and I put together from Swenson films is only of Finnish born people who showed up on church records and only those found in the counties of Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I do have a short listing of Ashland WI Finns.

June Pelo
04-02-08, 16:13
Thanks, Chuck. Two good ones for the list.


04-02-08, 20:57
Hi June
Here is a adress for multiple searches .
Good luck !

June Pelo
04-02-08, 22:08
Thanks, Bert. You hit the jackpot!