View Full Version : Runeberg's Birthday

June Pelo
06-02-08, 00:46
Don't forget his birthday on the 7th - and be sure to eat Runeberg Cakes in his honor. You members in Finland can buy the cakes already baked, or make your own. Over here we'll have to bake our own. If you don't have the recipe, let me know.


06-02-08, 10:29
Runeberg's birthday was on the 5th of February. There has been some confusion, because the history book in Jakobstad says the 7th. But Runeberg himselsf celebrated his birthday on the 5th and so has all of Finland done. Lars Huldén did some research on the subject a few years ago and he says that the 7h is the day of Runeberg's christening. The dates in Hiski are the same as in the church books but we can safely assume that Johan Ludvig new his owns birthday.


June Pelo
06-02-08, 16:04
Oops - misread the calendar. But there's no reason why one can't eat Runeberg Cakes any time of the year. I put the recipe in the Recipes last year - just go to search and look for Runeberg Cake recipe.