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08-02-08, 00:32
I'm trying to track down my mothers cousins and their children in New York -area.

Three children from Tallgrén -family (Jalasjärvi) emigrated to USA in the beginning of 1900. At least two of them got married and had a family of their own in US. Following is the information I know of them so far:

Parents in Jalasjärvi, Finland:
Dad: Herman Valentin Tallgrén, also known as Herman Valentin Ojaniemi, Born 16 Jul 1849
Mum: Hedvig Sofia Hakkio, later Tallgrén or Ojaniemi. Born 20 Feb 1848

Emigrated children:
Samuel Victor Tallgrén, born 8th of July 1870, arrived to Ellis Island 5th of May 1907, Died 11st of August 1938. Probably in US. Was married in Jalasjärvi, Finland with Hedvig Sofia Serafiantytär, born 8th of August 1870. They had 7 children, all born before Samuel emigrated to US.

Edla Maria Tallgrén, born 15th of December 1882, arrived to Ellis Island 1st of January 1907. She may be the mother of Elsie M. Hicks, born 1911 and died 1st of October 2000.

Matti Villehard Tallgrén, born 26th of October 1884, died 15th of November 1959. Emigrated to US on 15th of March 1910.

So far I don't know that much of our overseas relatives. I have an faint idea from some correspondece between Elsie and my aunt that Matti was married and had two sons. In 1979 the other son was dead.

Elsie her self had at least two sons. The other was married in 1979, had three children and lived in Rhode Islan. The other one had a flat of his own but was single.

Could you help me out in finding my relatives?

26-04-08, 23:35
I would like to shift this converstation up. Does anyone know about my relatives in US? Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

Karen Norwillo
27-04-08, 16:30
Here's a start to your Tallgren family. I found the arrival of Edla and Matti, Sam in 1910 and Matti in the WWI and II Draft Reg. Spellings of the names are mangled. You'll note there is a differeny DOB for Matti on the military cards, 7 Feb 1884. On his arrival in 1910, he's going to sister Mary Tallgren in NY. I can't make out the Mary on his registration card, but it could be her, but now married. I'll do in 2 postings. Karen

Karen Norwillo
27-04-08, 16:33
Here's more. Looks like I have to do it in 3 postings.

Karen Norwillo
27-04-08, 16:35
Here's the WWI and II registration cards. You'll see on the WWII card, there's an Elsie Tallgren, wife??? Karen

Karen Norwillo
27-04-08, 17:34
I believe this is your family of Edla Maria (Mary) I can't determine the correct spelling of her married name as it's spelled differently every place I found it.
The age of Esie M in 1920 would have her born abt 1911. I see Alexander is Finn and a carpenter. Son John would be born abt 1912-13. Last name could be Laiti, Leida or maybe Lahti. Karen

Karen Norwillo
27-04-08, 17:52
Here's a WWI Draft card that could be Alexander. You'll notice the handwriting on the card is different than his signature. Someone else probably filled it out and he signed it. What he signed doesn't look like Laid. He is a carpenter and has a wife and two children. I found an Alexander Lätti who emigrated in 1907 on Migration Institute. Maybe that's the correct name?

28-04-08, 00:21
Oh Thank you, Karen. You are an angel:) You provided me more information in few posts than I have been able to find in last 6 months my self.

Elsie is somehow related to my mother so she can't be Matti's wife. Could it be that she is Matti's sister? (This is something I have been trying to figure out.)

If you can find any more help, I would be more than pleased.

Karen Norwillo
28-04-08, 15:07
I don't think the Elsie on that WWII card is the same Elsie as his niece Elsie, daughter of Mary and Alexander. I think it may just be a coincidence they are both named Elsie. Mary's Elsie would not be Tallgren. Karen

Karen Norwillo
28-04-08, 19:54
Did Samuel Victor's family join him in the US? Do you have the names of any of his children? I found a Wiljo Tallgren, born abt 1896, arriving 1913 to Quebec, going to a Victor Niemi in Ironwood, MI. I'm wondering if this could be any part of the family you're searching. Shortening Ojaniemi to Niemi is possible. The only place I found Samuel after arrival was in 1910 in Ironwood as a boarder. Says married but no family with him.

Karen Norwillo
29-04-08, 18:12
I sent a request to the Bethpage Public Library to see if I can obtain a copy of Elsie Hick's 2000 obituary. I'm sure there must have been something in a local paper. I'll let you know what I hear back from them. Hopefully, it will at least give us her maiden name and her husband's first name and children. Karen

29-11-08, 00:27
I've have had a loooong break in my study of my ancestors. Did you find any information on Elsie Hicks?

Here is some information On Samule Victor Tallgrén's family:

Took an offidial priest book (directly translated from Finnish. Propably "immigrated" is the right word) to America on 6th of April 1907. He was married and traveled on a ship called New York through Southampton, UK to USA. His mother was Hedvig Serafia Hakkio and was born outside marriage.

Samuel was married to Hedvig Sofia Serafiantytär (i.e. Serafia's daughter Hedvig Sofia.) Born 8 aug 1870, died 12 Apr 1947. I don't know if she moved to America with Samuel.

They had 5 children:

Ksenia Maria Tallgrén, Born 28 Apr 1893
Viljo Herman Tallgrén, Born 19 Mar 1896
Uuno Henrik Tallgrén, Born 28 Aug 1898
Toivo Johannes Tallgrén, Born 23 Mar 1901
Matti Iisakki Tallgrén, Born 17 Apr 1907

I have no knowledge if the family moved with Samuel.

Also, if you can find any information on Mikael Oskar Tallgrén, Born 19 Oct 1891, it would be very helpfull. And let me know, if I can help you out with yours or some one others genealogy efforts.


Karen Norwillo
29-11-08, 17:14
I never received a reply from Bethpage Library re: Elsie Hicks. I did not find any other Tallgren except that Viljo Herman as found earlier. There was another Uuno found, but the date of birth is off. I found a Henry Tellgren 28 Aug 1895 who died Jan 1975 in Olympia, WA. Here is the 1907 manifest for Samuel and the 1910 census image, both in Ironwood, MI.