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04-11-03, 18:07
Hasse asked me to mail my introduction again because of some unfortunate accident that lost the old one. Here it is:
My name is Merja Syrjämäki and I live in Tampere, Finland. My own roots are all Finnish, mainly in the parishes of Ikaalinen, Parkano and Jämijärvi near Tampere and Ylihärmä, Kauhava, Nurmo and Lapua in the Finnish-speaking Ostrobothnia.

My husband has roots in Ostrobothnia, in the parishes of Ylihärmä, Ylistaro and Vöyri ( Vörå ).

Some of the surnames connected to us are: Skrifvars, Backa, Bastubacka and Syrjämäki in Vöyri. Kurki, Kosola, Jaakkola, Jussila, Järvi, Löpar, Keskinen, Taipale in Ylihärmä. Saarimaa and Sippola in Kauhava. Rajamäki and Kevari in Ylistaro. Porola and Mikkilä in Lapua. Linna, Alanen, Kuusikoski, Laatu, Peijari in Ikaalinen, Jämijärvi and Parkano.

If you have roots in Ylihärmä or any other connection, please contact me! Many of our relatives have emigrated to North America and I would be very happy to find them! Ylihärmä is such a small parish that almost everyone is related, some way or the other.


Karen Davies
30-11-03, 18:54
Hi Merja,
I have a problem in Ylihärmä trying to locate the family of my 2nd great grandmother, Maria Jaakontytär (Krupula). She was married 31.12.1867 in Lapua to Matti Iisakinpoika Kaara. The Virkatodistus from Lapua says Maria was born in Multia on 30.6.1836. Maria died 19.2.1874 in Lapua at age 37y3m19d. Using the birthdate calculator, her date of birth would be 31.10.1836.

According to a transfer paper, Maria moved to Lapua 03.12.1853. The Provincial Archives of Jyväskylä found Maria on microfilm from the rolls of migrated parishioners of Lapua, and found that she moved to Lapua from Ylihärmä. Before her correct birthdate and parents can be found in Jyväskylä, I am told they need more information from Ylihärmä/Lapua.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

02-12-03, 17:45
Hi cousin Karen!

Do I remember correctly that we have common Uppa ancestors?

I´ve got Marias parents for you, the info comes from another researcher. I´m sending this to you in a private e-mail after I do some check-ups.


Karen Davies
02-12-03, 17:54
Thanks so much for looking into it, Merja! I'm looking forward to the information.

Yes, we do have common Uppa ancestors.