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10-02-08, 14:17
Back in 1641 a Swedish sea captain by the name of Jonas Bronck, as the expression goes, ""swallowed the anchor, laid the oar over his shoulder," and headed inland. This sea captain didn't wind up in Northern Michigan or Wisconsin, but settled for a 500 acre piece of land close to water. In fact back in those days of unpolluted air, he could probably smell the Atlantic Ocean from his doorstep. Little did he realize that today, 360 years later, his name would be heard all over New York, a slight change in the spelling from Bronck to Bronx, but the flavor is still there. Today we know the "Bronx Bombers" are the New York Yankees and the famous "Bronx cheer" has to be heard in order to be "understood". Captain Jonas Bronck started it all and to think that today that 500 acres plot is worth "Millions". Let's raise a cup of good old "Swedish Gasoline", be it Maxwell House or Chock Full O" Nuts, in
old Jonas' name.....an ominous first name for a guy who made his living out on the "deep briny".

Karen Norwillo
10-02-08, 17:18
Fascinating. Wherever did you find this info? Karen

10-02-08, 17:52

As you have read in Finlander my wife, Jeanne, was called home January 4th, and I am in the process of writing the story of her life and in my research I knew that her mother was born in the Bronx and lived at 170 Saint Anne Street in the Bronx and attended the Episcopal Church known as Saint Anne's and in all probability, being a devout Episcopalian, was married in that church, but to my dismay years ago destroyed that church an all its records and I am waiting to hear from the Episcopal Diocese of New York hoping for information about that wedding. Whlle "Googling the Bronx" I happened to see
the information about "Ole Skipper Bronck" and was fascinated with the thought that this guy owned 500 acres of that Borough and further fascinated with the thought that 170 St Anne's Avenue might actually pass through the Bronck farmstead. Still working on that angle, locating old maps of the Bronx. The infamous Hetty Green and also P.T. Barnum come up on the "radar screen" as I research Jeanne's ancestors. Genealogy is proving to be very therapeutic. I recommend "googling "Hetty Green" and "Barnum" in case TV is boring.

10-02-08, 20:55
My great aunt Alina Anderson lived on StAnns ave 302. I have been searching for her and her family for 7 years and i got her naturalization just a month ago with all this info about address, husband and her 7 children.She was a widow since 1925 until her death in 1946 with 7 children so i guess she had a hard time.I still have to find her children or grandchildren,who knows if they were christened in that church too.By the way, i looked at your profile and noticed thar you are researching Monå and Monäs parish. Our daughter married a guy from Kantlax,neighbour village to Monå and Monäs. Its a small world.

10-02-08, 23:54

June Pelo did some wonderful translaton for me and I can read in English the intervening generations back to Isak Isaksson Knuts 1681-1700 who was married to Lisa Mattsdotter and that started it all in Monas which later found Mona a more favorable place for livelihood, though there were many "hard times" The Bronx has certainly changed since your Aunt lived there. As a family we used to go to the Cypress Avenue church where some Swede Finns had established a church years ago. An all day trip there and back from my home n New Jersey. My mother knew many of the people there
who had come from the "old country".