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13-02-08, 02:55
I have a picture taken by the above photographer. The photo is marked with the above photographer's name and Wasa.

In attempting to date the picture I came across information on Vaasa stating that Vaasa was called Wasa prior to 1855. If the picture was taken before 1855 that would be before the subjects that are marked on the back were born.

Does anyone know the years that Julia Widgrèn shot portreds and marked the bottoms in gold with the word WASA

I found a tiny bit of information in Swedish or Finnish at the Ostobotnia Museum in Vaasa. But I could not tell her birth and death dates or where and when she practiced her art.

Any information on Julia and or her art work is welcome.
Wanda Johnson

Karen Norwillo
13-02-08, 16:59
I Googled her and if I'm reading the Swedish correctly, Julia Viktoria Rosalie Widgrén was born in Wasa/Vaasa 25.12.1842 and died there 27.11.1917. She was a well known photographer whose works have been on display in museums. She may have just elected to use the old spelling of Wasa. There are published books of her works. Karen

14-02-08, 04:34
Thank you so much. I want to use the picture in a family news letter but also wanted as much information about it as I could get. When I looked up Wasa and found the name changed in 1955 I was afraid I had the wrong names stuck on the back of the picture. The artists birth and death show that the photograph was taken in the correct time period for the subjects in the picture. I had guessed 1899-1900. The husband came to the US in 1901 and they had a baby in Feb. of 1901 so this photo had to be taken before she started showing or after she had the baby. My gess is this is their wedding picture or a picture taken just before the husband left for America.

I wrote to the museum but have not received a response yet. I need to get that news letter out to the family ASAP. I am already a month behind schedule.

Thanks so much for the speedy answer and translation. The language is a big barrier in my research. This website and the group of people on here have been wonderful.


Now if I could just find a sister web site like this in Japanese!1770

14-02-08, 04:46
can anyone translate this?

Fotograf: Julia Widgrén, Handelsesplanaden 26
År: Okänt år
Baksida: Sommarfilialer i Jakobstad & Ilmola
Bild nr: #22083

Kvinnan på bilden är CLARA Amanda Ed, född 1878-06-19 i Tegelsmora (C), död 1905-08-04 i Gävle. Clara gifte sig med Herman Sjökvist 1901-05-20 i Tegelsmora men innan dess var Clara i Stockholm från 1894. Hon var bland annat silverpolererska hos Guldsmeden i Jakobs församling Carl Anders Ephraim Winnerstrand född 1824 i Rök (Östergötland), död 1899 i Stockholm. Guldsmedens son var skådespelaren Olof Winnerstrand född 1875. Vi vet inte varför Clara är utklädd. Kan hon ha varit med i någon form av teatersällskap som var över till Finland?
Om fotografen Julia Widgrén, Handelsesplanaden 26, Wasa, Finland. Hon studerade fotografi i Stockholm och har turnerat i Sverige. I slutet av 1890-talet (vet ej vilket år) sålde hon sin fotoateljé till Jakob Alarik Grönroos.

Meddelat av Laila Gahm Lidingö 07 sept 2003 kl 18:23

Kommentera detta porträttfynd (klicka)



Databasen Porträttfynd ingår i Nättidningen RÖTTER som ges ut av Sveriges Släktforskarförbund. Databasen har kunnat skapas tackvara välvilligt ekonomiskt stöd från Rötters Vänner, för vilket redaktionen härmed frambär sitt varma tack.


Kaj Granlund
22-03-08, 22:10
Photographer: Julia Widgrén, Handelsesplanaden 26 (street adress in Vasa)
Year: Okänt år
Owner of picture:
Backside: Summeroffices in Jakobstad and Ilmola
Picture nr: #22083

The woman in the picture is CLARA Amanda Ed, born 1878-06-19 in Tegelsmora (C) (Sweden), died 1905-08-04 in Gävle. Clara marreid Herman Sjökvist 1901-05-20 in Tegelsmora but previous to that Clara lived in Stockholm from 1894. She was among other working as a silverpolisher at the Goldsmith in Jakobs parish Carl Anders Ephraim Winnerstrand born 1824 in Rök (Östergötland), died 1899 in Stockholm. The son of the goldsmith was the actor Olof Winnerstrand born 1875. We do not know why Clara is in those clothes. Maybe she did attend som kind of theatergroup that visited Finland?
Abt the photographer Widgrén, Handelsesplanaden 26, Wasa, Finland. She studied photography in Stockholm and mad exhibitions in Sweden. at the end of 1890 (do not kow the year) she sold her studio to Jakob Alarik Grönroos.

Information by Laila Gahm Lidingö 07 sept 2003 time 18:23

--- ABT the pic of the couple. I wouldn't be surprised if that is their picture as they got engaged. Would say it is not a wedding pic. Cause they aren't dressed the way people used to dress for their wedding.

22-03-08, 22:58
The town Vasa was founded by king Charles IX, son of king Gustavus Vasa. In the olden days the name was written with a W, which in Swedish is pronounced exactly like V.

The Vaasa spelling is Finnish. In that language long vowels are always doubled. Finnish is very logical in it's spelling.

Vasa was officially named Nikolajstad/Nikolainkaupunki during the Russian period between 1855 and 1917 after the Czar Nicolai I, who was grand duke of Finland, but the inhabitants stuck to Vasa in their own communications. Nikolajstad was mostly used in official documents, and not always even in them.