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13-02-08, 03:58
I am lookin for the father of and/or ancesters of my Great Grandfather Sefan Asiala b.25 May 1876 in a small villiage outside of Helsinki call Asiala Village. He married Hilda Otteliana Syri,b.08 Nov 1874 in Toholompi, Finland. They immigrated to the US in abt 1903 and reside in New Hampshire. Sefan father was a Horse Trainer, and Hilda's father was Judge Johan Syri, married to Hilda Marie Heinonen. The siblings of Hilda are Alexanter, Amanda, Hilma.(all immigrated to US)Sefan's siblings immigrated to the US also and they were Helga and Raula.The name Asiala was changed to Hill upon arrival. Any help would be appreciated.

Karen Norwillo
13-02-08, 15:38
If you look at Brian Riutta's post directly below yours, you will find the 1880 household roll for Asiala farm in Toholampi. It's the second image on the page.I don't see Stefan, but as he was still a child, he probably wouldn't be listed by name. You didn't say what his father's first name was, so I don't know if this is your family. Karen

07-03-08, 20:42
Sefan Asiala's father's name was Frank, a horse trainer by profession. I had the list of names enlarged from the 1880 Asiala Village, but I still am having difficult reading it as I don't speak Swedish/Finnish. Can you tell me what Maki means in English? Barbara McKenna

07-03-08, 21:30
mäki = hill

08-03-08, 04:36
I always wonder why my family chose to change their name to Hill when they came US. My mom said because it was just easier! But, in reality my family name in the Asiala Village was MaKi. Thank you! Barbara

Alice Finnerty
23-03-08, 01:48
This might be of interest to you.
Last year I attended the bottle house museum in Kaleva Michgan
and met a Mr. Asiala.
I think he belongs to the historical society. He has a long history
in this area.
This is the Genealogy Society there too
If you like I can try and look up his name or make a phone call ( it very close to me)
to find him (I might even have his name written down somewhere).

24-03-08, 04:20
Dear Alice,

Thank you for the offer to go an look up Mr. Asiala. My grandfather Sefan Asiala Hill (Maki) settle in Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire and is buried in Fitzwilliam. I know that his father never came to the USA. All we know is they lived in Asiala Village, Toholompi, Finland. I am not sure he would be a relation, however, you never know and Asiala was not a common name. Thanks Barbara

01-04-08, 18:39
Hi sten47,

there is a family site of an Asiala family from Toholampi on the web: http://suku.asiala.info/english. There is an email address, too, to ask about a possible relation.