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15-02-08, 20:45
Me again :)
I have been googling all day and I am not getting very far!

Please can anyone help me with this if you have a minute.
I am after the addresses (email or post) of the parishes in Suolahti. I need to write to them to find out some information about my great uncle and aunt. (children's birth, dates of death, that sort of thing)
I can't find anything and as my Finnish is.....rubbish:o I am just going around in circles.

Any links that I can use to find some addresses would be fantastic. Suolahti only please. Huge thanks.


EDIT : Just found this on HisKi, would this be it? (Up to date address?) Wouldn't there be more?

Suolahden seurakunta

Kotisivu www.evl.fi/srk/suolahti
Internet sähköposti suolahti.kirkkoherranvirasto-AT-evl.fi
Puhelin (014) 542 831
Faksi (014) 543 417
Aukioloaika ma-pe 9-12
Käyntiosoite Kalevankatu 9 , 44200 SUOLAHTI

June Pelo
16-02-08, 01:24
I would guess the mailing address would be:

Suolahden seurakunta
Kalevankatu 9

e-mail: suolahti.kirkkoherranvirasto*evl.fi

The other "stuff" is telephone, fax, and visiting hours.


16-02-08, 01:33
Thank you June! I will send them a letter and see what happens. Have to try everything ;)
How is your sister doing? Hope she is feeling better.