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17-02-08, 01:11
I hope someone can translate the following note found on
Johan Petter Johansson Finne

I Ygre dar bodde han i Vas, han var till sjöss och kallade sig Petter Sundstedt. Sundom
historia del II s.97 tab.12,s.23 tab.18 0ch 22 tab.49 samt Ätteläggen nr 3 s 84

for Brita Erika Hermansdotter Uppgård notes on death please translate:


any help would be appreciated.
Wanda Johnson

17-02-08, 18:23
Hi Wanda
This is Swedish so I try and help you.
In Younger days he lived in Vas (can be Vasa), he was at sea and called himself Petter Sundstedt. Sundom.
History (can be a book) part II page 97 table 12, page 23, table 18 and 22 table 19 and Ätteläggen ( som kind of publication) number 3 page 84.
Dödförklarad means declared dead.

17-02-08, 19:40
Karinh, nice job. Now I know why the death dates of so many of my ancestors are incorrect. Who would declare them dead? Is this something done by the government or by the person entering the tree?

I see our great great grandfather was a sailor too. We have him as a farmer. It is nice to have additional information.

Thank you for the translation.

18-02-08, 09:23
If nothing was known about a person, who shoud be 90 years old, they were normally decladed dead at a court. Accoding a new law the age is 100 years

Relatives can ask a declaration earlier, if there is a good reason to belive, that a person has died, or if nothing is known about him in 5 years.


18-02-08, 16:17
Thank you Harry.
How does one contact the owners of the family trees to supply the correct dates? The three Gedcom Talko-project tree owners are Göran Berglund oct05, Ulla Hoglund, Henrick Mangs Mar06. I would like to discover their sources of information for future references.
Thanks again for the informative posts.