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20-02-08, 23:42
Hello everyone!

I'm hoping that someone can help me out of this confusion!

I'm looking for any information on the surname Vapaaoksa.
In the Uusi Sukukirja for the Brander family, it lists my great aunt Jenny Sofia Brander as marrying someone called Kaarle Jalmari Frigren on 25.06.1904 in Pori.

Jenny was born 16.11.1884.

So I naturally started looking for Frigren families in Finland, especially Suolahti which is where they apparently settled.
Then, in the 1946 edition it says something different, someone just emailed me and told me that Jenny is listed there but not as Jenny Frigren but as Jenny Vapaaoksa. :confused:

So now I'm confused! I have a copy of the page for my grandmother's brothers and sisters and she is listed as Frigren there. :confused:

Maybe husband Kaarle died or they divorced, but I am looking for her children and any living relatives. This name does not sound familiar to me at all, I have never heard of it so I'm hoping that someone out there may know of this Vapaaoksa name? Does it belong to just one family perhaps?

I did google it but most of the sites are in Finnish. If anyone has any info about this name and place of origin perhaps that would be great!

Huge thanks


21-02-08, 05:03
Hi Ayla,
Just a thought, Vapaala is a place near Helsinki. Just google! :) Oksa is a tree branch, I think, in Finnish. Maybe it just means Vapaala branch of the family tree!


21-02-08, 12:35
Hi Denise,

I never thought of looking at a place name that sounded like the name :eek:
Thx for the tip!

Now, this is just a thought that crept into my head at 3am this morning :D

Does anyone know if the surnames Frigren and Vapaaoksa could mean the same thing?
Just a long shot. I'm just wondering if my great uncle Kaarle changed his name from Frigren to Vapaaoksa. If so then this would explain why I have had no luck in finding my Frigren family!

It's ok, as I write someone has emailed me to tell me that both names mean the same thing!

Now I can abandon my search for my Frigren family and start again to look for Vapaaoksa!

Karen Norwillo
21-02-08, 19:46
Could this be your Kaarle Jalmari Frigren in Pori
Born 22.9.1883 Aittaluoto Itsellinen Gustav Adolf Frigren and wife Lovisa Kustaantytär 37 Karl Hjalmer.
This is from Hiski Pori-Björneborg records.

21-02-08, 19:51
Yep Karen, that's him! ;)

He married my great aunt Jenny Sofia on 25.06.1904 in Pori. They changed their name to Vapaaoksa in 1936. Now I am on the hunt for any children. My mom seems to remember that they had some daughters, not sons. SO it wil be harder to find them I think but the surname is not very common at all so hopefully that will help.
Many thanks!

Karen Norwillo
21-02-08, 20:04
Karl had 5 siblings listed in the records also.
21.1.1875 Amanda Wilhelmina
18.2.1877 Gustaf Richard
23.12.1881 Kustaa Stefanus
29.10.1885 Frans Artturi
28.6.1887 Anton Werner
Lovisa was 40 at the birth of her last listed child.

21-02-08, 20:20
Great stuff, many thanks Karen!

22-02-08, 10:33
Hi Ayla
I found to this link

It´s one of Vapaaoksa names, Kaarlo Vapaaoksa (it´s a young man)number 5784


22-02-08, 12:56
Thank you Kaarina! There is an email address there so I will write to him today. I am always amazed at the skill you all have for finding things on the net! I have a lot to learn still :D