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June Pelo
22-02-08, 21:15
I received a request for help as follows. Any information is appreciated.

We took the name Pekkari 1748 in Tärendö north Sweden when a Pekkari neightbour died in war. The familie Pekkari was related to my ancestor GRELS THOMASSON family from the beginning. They grounded Tärendö village in the beginning of 1600. I have traveled to Savolaks south Finland last summer and the archives so the Pekkari in Tärendö are related from that area already in 1500-that´s no problem. Can you anounse for this Grels Thomassons ansectors. He was born after 1560 and was named in Tärendö, north Sweden 1621. One of his children took the name KREKULA so I guess that the name can be from their village in Finland. I saw from maps 15-1600 a KREKULA village in KULLA near Turku and Pori (Björneborg in swedish). Kreku and Krekula are interesting and are a common name even today in that area.