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23-02-08, 02:12
I am doing research on McKinney Mine in or around Bessemer Michigan. Also Yale Location between Bessemer and Ironwood Michigan from 1912 to 1922.

Many Finns lived in the Bessemer area and worked the mines in that location. I am searching for general information on the region and specific information on the mine and the workers. Sam Johnson AKA Simon Eric Snickars worked in the area and we think in the McKinney Mine from around 1912-1922.

Any stories, pictures or websites with information would be appreciated.


Karen Norwillo
23-02-08, 16:55
If you check out Hunt's Guide to Michigan's Upper Peninsula-Region 4 Ironwood and the Gogebic Range, there is much info on the area. It says the first big mine was the Colby Mine and the towns of Ironwood, Bessemer, Wakefield and Hurley were "booming" after 1892. Each had their "locations", small settlements. Yale was one. Each had at least one family-owned grocery, a tavern, some had company stores and company owned houses. The mines closed in the early 60's.
Bessemer was named for Sir Henry Bessemer, inventor of a steel making process and Yale location was probably named for the Yale family of Yale University fame. The main street is Eli Street, first name of Eli Yale.
The Gogebic Range Genealogical Society has a wealth of info on the area also. Check out http://mattsonworks.com. There are pictures, maps, city directories etc. covering a huge variety of subjects on the area. There's a great map of all the mines in the area. You may have to get permission to use it in your family letter.