View Full Version : I would like to meet a nice girl from Finland.

24-02-08, 16:12
Hi folks, my name is Rob Campbell and I’m a country boy living and working in the city of Toronto. I love Fins and I always have.

Ever since I fell in love with Paivi Heino (an exchange student we had years ago)

My girlfriend just left me because of my hobby - I will admit I am a little obsessed.

On weekends I like to dig up things in yard sales, flea markets and junky antique stores… and then I clean / restore them and photograph them and turn around and sell these same items for way more money than I paid on eBay.

Over the past year I have been blogging my adventures on Dumpdiggers (http://dumpdiggers.blogspot.com). The blog chronicles the adventures of two low-tech treasure hunters that recover historically valuable antiques and collectibles in forgotten heritage sites… or something like that.


Here is what I found in an amazing little town on the Trent River The Quest in Campbellford Ontario (http://dumpdiggers.blogspot.com/2007/06/last-summers-quest-in-campbellford.html)

Anyway there’s a lot of unique knowledge being dispensed in every post and lots of picture of me that you can show your wife's single girlfriends.