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Karen Norwillo
27-02-08, 22:36
Here is the list of all names that I thought were or could be Finnish or Swedish. There were other deaths that had just year and no name and there are years missing. Hope this helps find someone you've been looking for. Karen

Karen Norwillo
28-02-08, 00:45
Those entries from the Baltic Mine were in Caspian, MI.
Source; Men, Mines & Memories published by the Iron County Museum
Caspian, MI. There are also recollections by Reino Anderson Inspector of Mines 1958-1973, Oscar Greenlund, Vivian Fredlund, Oliver Wester, Jess Kosky, David A Raiha, David Tarsi, Earl Kniivila, Muriel Hanson Beaulier, whose grandfather Henry Freeman was born 15 Apr 1875 in Rakio, Vr and grandmother Anna Lisa Kullas. Henry Freeman was first miner killed in the Tobin Mine in 1908. I do not have him on the list. I'm sure Freeman was not his Finn name. Karen

05-08-08, 20:31

You are wonderful!!! Thank you so much for posting the list of names you thought might be Finnish. I found my great-grandfather, Charles Kniivila, on that list. I knew from my grandmother that he had died in a mining accident when she was a little girl, but I have never been able to find out which mine. Your list has told me he died in the 1918 Porter Mine Disaster, which would agree with my grandmother being a young girl. And, you have not only helped me with which mine, but now I also know why he was buried in Amasa, when his wife and children lived in Trout Creek.

Thanks again!