View Full Version : Emigrants from Finland via Föglö, Åland to USA

Ingemar Ekman
27-02-08, 22:03
For some years ago, I recorded the persons in Föglö Communion book 1921-1930 that lived abroad (mostly USA and Sweden)
Total a file of 450 names with birth dates and a few of them (around 40 ) are listed that they was coming from main land Finland and maybe stayed a few years in Föglö prior the emigrated.

Place in alphabetic order and surname are listed below:

Björneborg (Aho, Ekelund)
G:la Karleby (Gunell)
Gustavs (Aalto)
Helsingfors (Englund, Tötterman)
Houtskär (Brax, Stenvall, Jansson),
Karleby (Mattsson)
Keuruu (Saxman)
Korpo (Fredriksson, Jansson),
Koskis (Liipola)
Kvevlax (Enroth),
Lappfjärd (Enkulla)
Larsmo (Granholm)
Lieksa (Hiltunen)
Malax (Ahlberg, Israelsdotter),
Nykarleby (Ahlström)
Nystad (Snällström, Wall),
Närpes (Ahl, Abrahmsdotter, Mattsson, Henriksson)
Pedersör ( Matsson),
Pulkilla (Soini),
Sideby ( Berglund, Bäckman, Ekholm, Forstén, Grannas, Hanses, Hummelgård, Ingves, Lassfolk, Laurell, Lillbäck, Löfström, Nordgren, Norrback, Rosendahl, Selin, Sjöberg, Stenberg, Sundnäs, Teir, Teirfolk, Öman)
St Karins (Svanberg)
Sjundeå (Nyman)
Säkylä (Sjöblom)
Tenala (Sjöman)
Varpaisjärvi (Vartiainen)
Vörå (Backman)
Åbo (Fogelholm, Heinonen, Starck)

Some of the persons are now living so I can not write them here. If someone want more information I will be happy to send a privat message but due to the amount of emails I get, I need to give priority to members in SFHS or to members in Åland island´s Emigrant Institute, so please let me know if you are member and where. Thank you,